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Thai Poosam and the Pushya Star of Enlightenment

thai poosam


Dr. Pillai: “The star called ‘Pushya’ (Poosam) is a very important star. Not only is it on this star that Lord Shiva came to this Earth plane, but it is also the day that Swami Ramalingam turned His body into light and disappeared. It is also a Star that is sacred for Muruga, the Pleiadian God of Enlightenment and the Third Eye. Pushya Star is ruled by Saturn, the most powerful planet who controls one’s life as well as one’s fortune. The Pushya constellation falls in the Zodiac of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which represents the mind principle. 

Pushya comes every month. The Yogis wait for this Pushya Star every month and celebrate it through meditation, through rituals, and so forth. But one particular Pushya in a particular month is very important – and that is the month called ‘Thai’ in Tamil.  It is the Full Moon powertime. 

With Pushya being ruled by Saturn, you can accomplish a lot of things during this time. There will be a lot of blessings. 

Pushya came to be associated with Enlightenment. That is some of the astronomical data, but the most important spiritual data is that it is on this day that Lord Shiva came to this Earth plane to enlighten the planet. 


The Light Body is the Birthright of Every Human Being. It is a Matter of Evolution. 

Life is unlimited, but we have to know to live with full intelligence. Then nothing will be hidden from our mind. Why not use the full potential? Why not empower our mind?

The body is the source of all problems. As long as you have a meat body, no matter who you are, whether you are a king, a billionaire, or a beggar, you are subjected to aches, pains, diseases, old age, and death. And human life should be more than just remaining a victim to this physical body. 

After all, this physical body is not the real body. It is only real as long as you make it real. Collectively, we have made it real through a gross level of consciousness. 

Just look at the example of a gross form of matter like a glass. Fundamentally, although it looks like a glass to the naked eye, if you look through an electron microscope, it is just a bunch of atoms. But do we see the atoms or a glass? We see only the glass! 

The same thing applies to our physical body as well. We are really getting attached to the superficial reality, making it real, and then suffering. But then you go to the core of our existence, which is Light. The Light Body is the birthright of every human being. It is a matter of evolution. 

Do not get stuck with this physical body. Just realize that the core of the physical body is just Light, and then experience this Light.

It is all about intelligence – our intelligence that comes from science and technology is called “Marul” intelligence. It is very limited and based on logic and reasoning, and that is not going to guarantee us a permanent solution for human problems. 

Human problems will come to an end only when we have transcended our material nature and are no longer conditioned by matter. We will have no substance except Light. It is Light merging with Light. 


The Pushya Star Has the Ability to Transform Matter Into Light

Pushya is a very powerful star that facilitates the process of [enlightenment] experience. 

Every star has its own characteristics. There are 27 stars recognized by the Indian [Vedic] Astrological System. Out of the 27 stars, the Pushya Star is one of those 27 stars. 

I invite you to participate in this special program. 


Thai Poosam Gives Maximum Advantage

I want you to take maximum advantage of practicing meditation during this time. You can also participate in a special fire ritual that I have designed, especially for those who want to transform their body, mind, and soul – this is the day.

What you can accomplish within one hour, you will not be able to accomplish in several years of meditation. Look for the time and then make use of it.”


Eliminate Karma at the Deepest Level of Your Soul

The Pillai Center encourages you to sign up for The Pillai Center Academy’s Ascension to Bliss course, where you will be given teachings and insights from Dr. Pillai about the power of this once-a-year Full Moon for removing negative karma at the deepest level of your soul. Learn more about how you can celebrate Thai Poosam with us here





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