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  5. Importance of Proxy Ceremonies

The Pillai Center organises several Proxy ceremonies round the year for the individual benefit and the world benefit. These proxy ceremonies are conducted as per the Shastras by the trained Vedic scholars who have experience in conducting these ceremonies exactly as per the rule book.

These proxy ceremony act as a game changer and can bring about a positive transformation in a person. Dr.Pillai has often stressed on the emphasized the importance of proxy ceremonies to support initiations. He made them mandatory for students of all his premier, yearlong programs because of their effectiveness. Dr.Pillai once stated that he depends more on the proxy ceremonies to bring transformation to his students than the initiations and techniques. That is how powerful the proxy ceremonies are.


How do Proxy ceremonies work

At times due to different constraints one might not be able to participate in the powerspot ceremonies. The reason for absence might be very genuine but the concerned person might need remedy very badly. During these kind of challenging times, the Proxy ceremonies comes very handy. It allows selected persons to participate in powerspot or remedy ceremonies on behalf of the concerned person. The benefits of the proxy ceremony will be transferred to the actual person in full. As only qualified persons act as proxy there can be no doubt about the effectiveness or genuineness of the proxy ceremony.

The proxy ceremonies bypass the human ego and work directly with the soul. The human ego is considered to be among the most prominent hindrances of receiving miracles due to its limited ability to conceive, and general negative conditioning. In addition, they are performed at key sacred places where the energy being invoked is believed to be alive and very active.

To scores of people, proxy ceremony acts as a perfect solution. Though they are not in a position to take part directly in the ceremonies, they are able to enjoy the fruits of the proxy ceremonies.


Benefits bestowed by the Proxy Ceremonies.

The benefits of Proxy ceremonies are long. They definitely bring about a visible change in your life. Below are some of the diverse benefits of the Proxy ceremonies.

  • Infuses positive energy
  • Grants relief from diseases and illness
  • Removes negativity
  • Improves vitality and health
  • Bestows longevity
  • Manifest your deepest desires
  • Bestow ability to do the impossible
  • Grant healing and transform body into light
  • Gift incredible peace, power, and prosperity
  • Removes sorrow
  • Grants progeny
  • Alleviates mental stress
  • Bestow mental peace
  • Progress in job and business
  • Fulfils wishes
  • Fulfils desires
  • Dispels fear and anxiety
  • Grants highest knowledge
  • Mitigates planetary afflictions
  • Resolves ancestral curse
  • Receive fortune
  • Good health
  • Wisdom
  • Wish-fulfilment
  • Karmic rebirth
  • Confer extraordinary prosperity
  • Bestow life-success
  • Give protection from negative forces
  • Grant the Divine Mind of bliss and thought manifestation
  • Clears karmic obstacles that create suffering and block progress
  • Experience healing and rejuvenation
  • Be protected from negative forces
  • Gain incredible positivity and overcome fear of death
  • Receive victory against enemies
  • Acquire relief from unfavourable planetary influences
  • Fulfil wishes
  • Acquire power to manifest
  • Gain Divine protection
  • Experience spontaneous solutions to mundane problems
  • Purify negative karma
  • Invoke Divine intervention
  • Awaken wisdom and fortune
  • Be blessed with life-success
  • Fulfil heart’s desires
  • Experience deeper levels of meditation
  • Gain power to think and manifest
  • Bring light to your body for healing and empowerment
  • Awaken your Divine identity
  • Increase your intelligence, intuition, and power
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Grant relief from physical suffering
  • Bestow prosperity
  • Resolves obstacles to relationships
  • Grants progeny
  • Heal the mind, body, and soul
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Overcome physical and psychological suffering
  • Feel positive and joyful
  • Acquire power to heal others
  • Neutralizes the 9 planetary afflictions
  • Remove relationship obstacles
  • Overcome delays for marriage
  • Grant progeny
  • Smash through hindrances
  • Overcome stubborn karma
  • Put you on a path to life-success
  • Help fulfil desires
  • Rapidly progress in your evolution
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