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The Power of India’s Temples

“Facebook legend Mark Zuckerberg and Apple giant Steve Jobs are absolutely certain that a temple in India is responsible for their success. This particular temple is a landing pad for alien intelligence.

Learn From Other Galaxies

Alien intelligence can transform your life, your health, and your relationships. This is what I have been teaching for the past 40 years.

I am going to compile a series of videos on the concept of temples and how they can transform your finances, your health, your relationship, and even your spirituality.

Higher Intelligence is Available for You

The term ‘alien’ automatically conjures up images of tiny people with large eyes and frightening features, but aliens are simply Gods and Goddesses living in other realms and, according to the Siddhas, there are many other realms.  Aliens know much more than humans. We are restricted by our mental and biological makeup and psychological engineering.   The computer is worthless when compared to the intelligence of people living in other domains. These people are far more advanced than any form of technology we use here on Earth.

Alien Technology

We have completely ignored alien technology. There are books written about it. David Wilcox talks about different governments who work with space aliens, but governments refuse to share this knowledge with the public.

If all the politicians of the world came together and used this higher intelligence, we could work toward advancing and improving the human race. That is very important. We do not need to suffer.”

~ Dr. Pillai


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