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Shreem Brzee Wealth Powertimes | March 2022

How to Use Celestial Times to Manifest Wealth in March


Powertimes are astrological occurrences that harbor and project influential cosmic energies onto the Earth plane. These events have the power to impact humankind and infiltrate our consciousness. March offers several powertimes that are ideal for manifesting wealth and abundance using Shreem Brzee. Continue reading to become informed about the powertimes this month, their significance, and methods to help you best harness the abundant and revitalizing energy of the Moon, Stars, and Planets to manifest wealth and create a prosperous life.


Shreem Brzee Integration

Each powertime represents an opportunity to receive magnificent outcomes from practicing Shreem Brzee by eradicating poverty consciousness and attaining wealth. Maintaining your practice of meditation, writing, and chanting can greatly benefit you in terms of expediting and expanding the results of your efforts.


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If you missed the March Monthly Powertime Update live stream, you can access the replay here.


March Powertimes 


New Moon | March 1 and 31

The New Moon is a special time to remove harmful energetic obstacles and poverty consciousness to pave the way for wealth attainment and prosperity consciousness. This Moon phase represents the quintessential time to connect with your ancestors, as they are available to you in an abundant nature. We inherit negative karma, thoughts, and consciousness from the generations before us. Extending prayers and gratitude to your ancestors can help you suspend personal challenges and limitations, including financial hardships and negativity that prevent you from accumulating wealth.

Performing Tarpanam is a powerful way to connect with your ancestors on this day to renew your energy, remove negativity in your consciousness and thoughts, and eradicate shortcomings that prevent wealth manifestation. 


Clear Karma on the New Moon
  • Pray to your ancestors, express gratitude, seek forgiveness, and ask for wealth attainment and negativity removal
  • Perform Tarpanam at home or use Dr. Pillai’s New Moon Tarpanam Rituals to remove poverty consciousness inherited from your ancestors.
  • Practice deep meditation to focus your energy on consciousness-clearing and plant seeds of success.
  • Visualize the hindrances you’d like to remove and the blessings you wish to replace them with.


“If I have to recommend one solution for every one of our problems, be it financial, relationship or health, it is doing Tarpanam (offerings to the ancestors), especially during the New Moon. Miracles (new moon mantras) do happen after the performance of the rituals.” Dr. Pillai


11th Moon | March 13 and 27

The 11th Moon is abundant in nature, projecting its fullness into your consciousness and allowing you to absorb and manifest abundance into our life. This time of material growth and spiritual awakening is embodied by Vishnu, who is responsible for creating matter and providing material comforts. Vishnu is Lakshmi’s consort, adding synergistic power to the Shreem Brzee Goddess’ prosperity-producing qualities.

 In Hinduism, the male/female components are mutually essential in the creative process, just as the male and female are essential to reproduction. The Divine couple shares Shiva Shakti (or Yin Yang) energy that combines to generate inner and outer wealth, abundance, and sustainability on Earth.


Manifest Wealth on the 11th Moon
  • Write the sound ‘Shreem Brzee’ 108 or 1,008 to manifest fortune and bliss. 
  • Chant Vishnu’s Mantra, “Om Namo Narayanaya” to induce his Divine presence.
  • Pray to a photo or statue of Vishnu/Lakshmi and ask for prosperity and abundance

“The 11th moon is for enjoyment, it is a day for pleasures and comforts, that is why, it is dedicated to Vishnu; it is a day of wealth and prosperity.Dr. Pillai

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Debt Removal 13th Moon  | March 15 and 29

Pradosham is a vital powertime occurring 1.5 hours before sunset during the 13th Moon phase. It presents a prime time for the dissolution of karmic patterns and negative thoughts, behaviors, and habits. When Pradosham falls on a Tuesday, as in this case, it is referred to as “Bhauma Pradosham,” which is an ideal time for gaining physical health and prosperity. This particular Pradosham day represents “Runa Vimochana,” which translates to
“debt relief.” It’s an ideal time to connect with the Divine to remove scarcity consciousness and destroy financial debt.


Dissolve Debt on Pradosham


  • Chant ‘Brzee’ to gain wealth and dissolve your negative mindset
  • Chant “Runa Vimochana” to destroy debt
  • Honor Goddess Lakshmi by offering gifts (such as candy or flower petals) and meditate on her presence.

“Every Pradosham time is the powertime for you to wake up, even if you don’t meditate on a daily basis. If you are aware of the Pradosham time and observe it by meditating during the Pradosham time, you can be liberated from this unconscious life.” — Dr. Pillai


Full Moon of Divine Relationship | March 17 (DOUBLE POWERTIME)

When the Moon reaches its final and most abundant phase, it radiates its fullness on Earth and into our consciousness. The Full Moon is the most exemplary time to manifest wealth, as it has the ability to affect your internal and external environment, and influence your mind to remove scarcity thoughts. The Full Moon exerts a magnificent amount of energy that can transform your consciousness and build a foundation of abundance. Additionally, the Gods and Goddesses descend to the Earth Plane, so it’s an ideal time to connect with Goddess Lakshmi to obtain blessings of wealth.

During these current times of uncertainty and hardship surrounding the pandemic and the political and economic climate, the Full Moon offers a window of opportunity to heal your spirit by manifesting spiritual and material comforts.

This particular Full Moon represents the celebration of marriages between Gods and Goddesses. It is the anniversary of the original day of unison between Divine celestial couples. It embodies a day of fulfillment in relationships, which can affect your connection with money and other forms of wealth. The Uttara Phalguni star carries ‘Chayani Shakti’- the power to gain prosperity and wealth through partnerships/marriage.

This special powertime offers the opportunity to heal financial strain by connecting with Archetypes and building relationships that lead wealth accumulation.


Manifest Wealth on the Full Moon of Divine Relationship


  • Pray to Lakshmi and Vishnu to invoke their presence and ask for spiritual and material wealth
  • Offer gifts to a photo or statue of Vishnu or Lakshmi
  • Chant, write, and meditate on Shreem Brzee to ground the abundant energy of Lakshmi and inspire the attainment of prosperity


Anuradha | March 22

In Vedic Astrology, the Anuradha star is the birth star of Lakshmi, The Shreem Brzee Goddess of Wealth, and is known as  the “star of success”. Coincidentally, it is also the birth star of Vishwamrita, the father of Brzee who passed on the “Brzee” mantra to Dr. Pillai through a sacred Nadi reading. Anuradha carries Radhana Shakti (the power of worship) and prosperity energy. Anuradha star days are supreme for performing prayers of abundance and invoking Lakshmi’s presence to engage her powerful energy and manifest prosperity and abundance.


Manifest Wealth on Anuradha
  • Pour water or milk over a Vishwamrita statue, a Lakshmi statue or Shreem Brzee Yantra, to invoke their Divine presence and blessings
  • Chant ‘Shreem Brzee’ 108 or 1,008 times to ground prosperous energy.
  • Pray for removal of scarcity and increased abundance


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