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Manifest with Shreem Brzee: December 2023

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*The dates mentioned are based on North American timings. Dates may be the same or different in other parts of the world, such as Asia. 

This blog contains information about special powertimes unique to this month. Tips and education regarding recurring monthly powertimes, including 4th Moon, New Moon, Anuradha Star, Full Moon, 13th Moon and Shreem Brzee Fridays can be accessed in our Shreem Brzee Monthly Newsletter. You can subscribe here.

This month, we celebrate Kala Bhairava’s Birthday, honoring the God of Time. This occasion is a unique opportunity to receive blessings for wise time management, dispelling negativity, and achieving fast and transformative results. Additionally, Christmas Day holds deep significance as a time to connect with Jesus, seeking miracles and new beginnings. These special powertimes can help you embrace spiritual support and manifest with Shreem Brzee in December 2023.


Kala Bhairava’s Birthday | Dec. 4

In the realm of spirituality and self-transformation, Kala Bhairava emerges as the divine archetype governing time. As the God of Time, his birthday on December 4 is regarded as a potent occasion to seek blessings for harnessing time wisely, dispelling negativity, and overcoming planetary afflictions to yield fast and transformative results. 

This celebration serves as a unique opportunity to engage with Kala Bhairava, inviting devotees to undertake a practice known as Timeline Jumping—a concept resonant with the teachings of Dr. Pillai. Dr. Pillai teaches that altering your relationship with time can expedite the manifestation of desires, emphasizing that delaying your dreams until retirement is not a wise choice. Instead, it’s better to take a proactive approach and seek fulfillment of your goals now.

Amidst the realms of time manipulation, Dr. Pillai introduces the intriguing notion of working with femtoseconds and attoseconds, dimensions of time so small that their contemplation becomes a challenge. 

Kala Bhairava, as the deity presiding over time, is believed to hold the keys to these profound secrets. The current transformative energy permeating the Earth plane is considered a rare opportunity for individuals to recalibrate their connection with time. The mantra ‘Udyamo Bhairava’ serves as a powerful tool in this practice, with Dr. Pillai assuring that even pronunciation errors are rectified at the soul level. It’s encouraged to seize this auspicious moment to change your relationship with time to help manifest faster and more tangible results in alignment with your aspirations.

What to Do on Kala Bhairava’s Birthday:


Christmas Day | Dec. 25

Christmas, an annual celebration marking the birth of Jesus Christ, holds profound significance for Christians. This is an opportunity for followers of Jesus to connect with the spiritual essence of this holiday. It serves as a reminder to pray and seek miracles on this auspicious day, which symbolizes new beginnings. For Christians, Christmas embodies a sacred opportunity to connect with the divine, and it is encouraged to embrace its spiritual significance by praying to Jesus for healing and miracles, and thanking him for his blessings.

What to Do on Christmas Day:


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