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Have you felt compelled to spend longer hours at the office or at the gym? If yes, you can thank Mars, planet of energy and action, traversing the sign of the king Sun since September 15. You’ll feel this influence until November 2, when he’ll move to Virgo and so you have one and half months to get the best from this transit.

What can this planet do for you? Mars is the general in the king’s army and his work is zeroed in on defense of the Leo territory: higher studies, performing arts and a career in the political arena or in the government.

In Cancer, Mars was getting all mushy about emotions and flirting with Venus, activities that did not bring out the best of either planet.

But now, your stamina and a desire for substantial work are returning. Moreover, Saturn is overlooking Mars’ results in Leo, so you’ll be a bit more fearful about making the wrong move.

So to avoid stress and stay effortlessly disciplined—but still enjoy your work or your studies—read six tips to be among those who win at work, in sports and in career.

1. Creativity with muscles

We might be the most creative people in the world, but if we don’t put some effort in our creations, no one will ever see them.

Spend a bit more energy on your projects and postpone gratification to a later time. Saturn will be happier and Mars will help you win.

2. Work it out  

It’s no secret that exercise can help you with endorphins—the feel-good hormones. Also, when we like the way we look, our self-esteem benefits as well.

So put in your schedule some physical activities such as walking, running, dance and yoga asanas. Dr. Pillai says that lack of fitness leads to decay and aging. Doctors agree.

3. Sign up for classes

Leo is the house of both education and stage. Take up some acting classes even if you have no intention of becoming an actor. Once I did that and it was great fun. Years later my career required some public speaking and those lessons came in handy.

4. Reduce drama

Due to the great power of the king Sun on his own sign, Leo can demand both attention and obedience. But we are more likely to become defiant when someone forces attention on us. Gentle persuasion is usually a better approach.

Planets in Leo are dramatic. Imagine a lamenting Isadora Duncan grabbing the trademark curtain on the stage. While this scene would look great at the theater, in real life it can cause some problems. So it’s better to choose a higher response and not an egoistic one in delicate situations at home or work. You can win with grace instead.

5. Fair power

Mars will be with Jupiter, planet of higher wisdom and wealth. If you like the idea of becoming a lawyer, you can have planetary inspiration and support. Go for it and Saturn will help you stay put despite the grueling hours involved.

6. Attract power with divine help

Both Mars and the Sun (ruler of Leo) are focused on winning power over their environment. In Leo, this influence is focused on material achievements. To get the help of the Sun and Mars, you can sign up for special fire rituals, or Fire Labs, to pacify their energy and receive their help. Their respective celestial rulers, Shiva and Muruga, will respond when you invoke them through rituals or their vibrational sounds:

. OM NAMASHIVAYA (for Shiva)



Enjoy the energies!

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