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Vedic astrology calendars based on the fixed stars are showing that until March 10 Mercury will be in Aquarius—the area of the sky associated with innovation.

Moreover, Aquarius is an astrological sign ruled by both slow Saturn and the unconventional north lunar node Rahu—hence Mercury traits placed here can bring you a desire to use research and technology to change the status quo.

Being the most socially conscious sign, Aquarius wants to make a difference. It could be depicted as an eccentric and farsighted crowd thinking about legacy and how we collectively affect our planet to grow (or deplete) our resources.

How does this impact your business and communication? Big time.

In fact, according to the intuitive Rishis of India and Vedic astrology, Mercury is an electromagnetic force that gets a hold of your brain and stimulates with quick bursts your speech, business goals and writing. This aquarius planet also rules numbers, math, science, publishing and to-the-point public speaking.

Do you know a person who speaks fast and often shares funny jokes to lighten up a meeting or social gathering? These qualities are usually caused by Mercury.

Of course, each of us is “grabbed” by the planets in different ways. But for some, Mercury is the fabulous planet that makes one a millionaire.


The visionary bent of Mercury occupying Aquarius can give you seemingly out-there ideas to stand out as a leader (and profiteer) in a futuristic market.

Profits from robotics or other high technology are now more likely.

Entertainment will include the use of digital media.


Mercury is now under the influence of Saturn—a notoriously stern planet. So make sure your communication is pleasant and not autocratic.

Also an excessive focus on robotics or trans-humanism can take the focus off compassion and humanness. So consider all aspects of any business decision to benefit yourself and society at large—a win-win to improve human life, but not to the detriment of emotional or ethical considerations.

Along with harsher tones, Saturn’s rays on Mercury can affect our relationships, giving us a tendency to rationalize others’ feelings—and, of course, no one likes being on the receiving end of this.

Imagine you just suffered a major loss and your partner telling you “Don’t be silly—you shouldn’t feel that way.” I think you get the point.

Try to be as gentle and considerate as possible when you communicate with your loved ones.




So to boost the positive influence of Mercury in your work and business and learn how to communicate more graciously and effectively, here for you: three quick steps to improve your relationship and finances. It’s not what you think.

1. Mercury’s Myth

Mercury was said to be the offspring resulting from the Moon’s escapade with Tara, the wife of Jupiter. For this reason, intellectual Mercury doesn’t like the Moon, the celestial body of feelings and emotions.

According to Karl Jung and Joseph Campbell, myth can unlock your higher potential, and uncover hidden aspects and faculties of your psyche.

Learning about Mercury can change your consciousness, strengthen your intellectual intelligence, and multiply your skills in trade, broadcasting, writing and science.

Having been named grahas, the Sanskrit term for “seizing,” the nine Vedic planets are said to be in charge of our consciousness. They themselves are conscious and alive and said to have an anthropomorphic form.

They look human! They have a favorite color depending on their vibrational frequencies, resonate with certain numbers, prefer specific foods, and each rule one day of the week.

Mercury’s favorites are the color green, the number 5, Wednesdays, the North direction, emeralds, and moong beans—so you can experiment with the above if you’re trying to maximize the energy of Mercury in your life.

2. Unconventional approach

According to yoga science, sound is all pervasive and has the power to create. So we can use special sounds to make our mind vibrate at the frequency of Mercury to benefit and use his quick wit to influence markets and people alike.

The traditional sounds for Mercury are—OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA—to be recited on Wednesdays or during the daily hours ruled by Mercury (see AstroVed’s Hora Watch App).

These sounds are believed to bring favors from the green planet for stepping up your income and making the best investments or sales.

In fact, according to 3000 plus years’ worth of recorded astrological data, Mercury is the planet most associated with millionaire and billionaire status.

3. More powerful Vedic technology

Sounds are greatly enhanced by fire—this is one of the reasons the infrareds present in Vedic fire rituals (or Fire Labs) give more power to our positive thought forms and prayers.

The fire’s rays act like a remote control that delivers the fulfillment of your wishes and connects you with angelic and benevolent beings, whose dharma or duty is helping humankind evolve and get out of suffering.

Fire rituals can bring you monetary favors from both the planet Mercury and Vishnu, a powerful archetype of wealth.

Enjoy the energies!


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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