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Do you remember your parents telling you, “Choose your words,” when they realized you were upset or too emotional for a certain situation?

Similarly, we want to count to ten this month while Mercury is in Cancer—a Moon domain—where effective communication and diplomacy may take a backseat to a few tears, an outburst or some hurt feelings. Mercury will be along with Jupiter and the Sun until August 29th, and will soon be joined on August 7th also by Venus. Emotions may now cause some sparks and we want to avoid overreacting to situations—and especially at work.

In fact, severe, old Saturn is keeping a watch on all these planets. And that means we might feel too much pressure.

If you are squirming with anticipated concern, don’t worry—here are some guidelines to make this time easier and tend to your communication by ensuring clarity and safe sailing throughout the month.


1. Plan ahead.

If you know that a certain situation can cause you some discomfort, don’t count on your usual aplomb. So avoid delicate situations and postpone a call to a relative with whom you don’t see eye to eye.


2. Talk to your mother.

The sign of Cancer creates a fertile land for nurturing, emotions and motherly affection. Plan to call your mother to let out any steam that could otherwise lead to discomfort in a work situation. You know that mom is the only one who loves unconditionally. She is a safe listener. Thank her after and apologize for venting. Alternatively, you can select a trusted friend for the same purpose.


3. Meditate or chant.

Now more than ever is important to take a few minutes to start your day with a calm mind. A few minutes of meditation, by repeating a mantra (sacred sound) or observing your breath with your eyes closed, will do marvels for your peace of mind and communication. Repeat at night.

* OM CHANDRAYA NAMAHA (sounds for the Moon, 27 times daily)

* OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (sounds for Mercury, 27 times daily)


4. Make your meeting a conference call.

If you can, make your meetings shorter, and if possible turn them into conference calls. That way, if someone’s words trigger an emotional reaction in you, you are covered and have time to think how to reply effectively.


5. Laugh it out.

Mercury’s saving grace is a contagious sense of humor. A good laugh defuses delicate situations and you will even make some new friends in the process.

Keep a check on your emotions and enjoy the energies.

Enjoy the energies!





by Lalitha Devi



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