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pcblog post 12-03-2015 - Mercury in Saggitarius

You may not literally drop to your knees in gratitude to the Divine when Mercury moves to Sagittarius—but you’ll enjoy more spontaneous conversations.

You’ve probably had this experience: in the process of expressing your thoughts and before you even knew it, there were tears in your eyes, a lump in your throat and your words came out plain wrong.

This might have caused some embarrassment to you and others in the last three weeks.

Uprooting Stress

Mercury was crossing the dark and fearsome Scorpio waters, where matter-of-fact speech can turn into a secret code or an emotional outburst.

Obviously, this wasn’t a perfect scenario for win-win business meetings, professional emailing or frequent travels.

Ideally planets in Scorpio should be used for research, self-inquiry, or delving deeply into your emotions to study or produce passionate music.

But come December 6, Mercury will enter into Sagittarius to remain until December 26. Jupiter—an optimistic and inspiring planet of largess, philosophy and law—rules this dual sign.

Having flexible and speedy Mercury here in the holiday season will foster hopeful and detached talks and melt away stressful communication.

But as it happens with every transit, you’ll need more awareness. In December, you must avoid self-righteousness and arguments.

Keeping your conversations light and positive will benefit both your personal and professional life.

You will then be able to spread holiday cheer and send your spiritual message to the world, because ‘tis the season for laughs and hope.

Dos and Don’ts for Good Luck in Business and Personal Matters


  • pcblog post 12-03-2015 - Mercury in Saggitarius 2Speak positively
  • Spread hope
  • Be flexible at work and home
  • Send holiday cards with inspiring images of Angels or other holiday themes
  • Travel to spiritual places
  • Go on a pilgrimage
  • Support others with your spiritual ideas
  • Expand your knowledge with religious or spiritual books
  • Keep the bigger picture in mind in your speech or writing
  • Order a fire ritual for Mercury or Vishnu.
  • Recite 108 times the sound vibrations for Mercury—OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA—and for Vishnu—OM NAMO NARAYANAYA.


  • Get into religious discussions that compare styles of worship or dogma
  • Keep an “us versus them” stance in a meeting
  • Contribute to religious fanaticism
  • Get into conversations that may lead to intolerance
  • Spend time or do business only with those in your circle
  • Tell a joke involving someone else’s religion

Happy holidays and enjoy the energies!

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