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It has been a wild past couple of weeks, with terrorist attacks and severe floods in India. Participants in Pillai Center’s programs have been reporting inner turmoil in the light of these horrific events. One of the reasons we are meeting together on the Sundays with Sucharita Calls is to unite in our meditation practice, connect with the Divine, set the intention to clear any negativity, and pray for others.


This week December 7th/8th will be a special time to connect to Nava Narasimha, a lion-headed deity who destroys negativity. Astroved will be offering a series of remedies and fire labs. The 9 Dark Force Destroyers Grand Fire Lab LIVE webcast will take place on Monday, December 7, 2015 at 9:30 p.m. EST.


There are nine forms of Nava Narasimha and each one will destroy a particular problem that one may have. Nava Narasimha can erase even the most difficult flaws and blockages and will give tremendous courage, health and hope. Any congested energy can be eliminated. December 7th is the 12th Moon and December 8th is the 13th Moon, which is Pradosham, the most significant time to worship Lord Shiva to remove karma. The star of the day will be Swati, a star of swiftness and divine blessings. Learn more about the nine forms of Narasimha and the rituals.

This Wednesday, December 9th will be a very powerful day when Ganesha can remove your obstacles. Dr. Pillai recently revealed a NEW mantra for Ganesha and a NEW day (the 14th Moon Phase) to gain his blessings by doing a special offering of durva grass (Bermuda grass). Watch Dr. Pillai’s NEW video, Revelations of Ganesha. Stay tuned to Astroved.com as they may offer the Ganesha durva grass ritual this week if the flood waters subside enough for the staff to return to the office.

If you would like to donate to the flood relief effort for the people of Chennai, visit Tripura Foundation. Designate “General Fund” when you make the donation.

Enjoy listening to this week’s Meditation and Q&A Discussion.


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