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Dr. Pillai has revealed his plans for his 2016 India Birthday Trip. In addition to ending their bad money karma, those who are fortunate and able to attend in person will have access to ancient and secret vortexes for perfect health and divine vibrations that end all suffering.

Dr. Pillai’s presence and spiritual powers accumulated over lifetimes are the main vehicles for bringing you a super life of wealth, peace and health.

“Behind every disease there is a planet. I have tested this for years in pilot studies and I have also experienced it in myself.

“You start a planet’s period that corresponds to a disease connected with that planet. For instance, you have pain in the legs and feet, which are ailments and body parts related to Saturn and Jupiter.

“This science is called medical astrology. Once you know what’s going to happen to your health during a certain period of time, you can either prevent it or better manage it. In other words, you can reduce the impact of the disease or completely heal from it.

Most importantly, it’s a matter of understanding time, because time is responsible for aging and disease.1

“I’ve decided that among other important topics, I will discuss health. I will take you to special power vortexes in some ancient temples that increase your vibrations to resonate with perfect health.

If you are able to inform your genes of a different time sequence or speed, you will be able to maintain perfect health.

“In fact if you can somehow stop time, the body turns into light. This is science. But how do we stop time? You need to vibrate at the same speed of light. So in India, I will teach you many techniques regarding time and light and their impact on health.

“Some temples that you will visit during this 2016 Birthday Trip are dedicated to health and immortality.

“In India, I will spend a day or two explaining to you what causes diseases and how you can handle those issues. God bless.”

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Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s 2016 BIRTHDAY TRIP here. Click the button below for details.



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