Mercury in Pisces: 3 Easy Ways to Earn More Money Through Gracious Communication




Mercury is the planet behind multi-million dollar businesses, eloquent public speaking, profitable trading, and your internet-connected devices.

According to Vedic astrology, the predictive system of the ancient seers of India, Mercury is now crossing Pisces until March 26.

Pisces is both a constellation ruled by optimistic Jupiter and the sign of debilitation and weakness for Mercury.

During this time, you might need to rethink your business strategies and marketing or PR campaigns to ensure good profits and sales.

On the one hand, benevolent Jupiter oversees ether, spirituality, ethics, idealism and purity.

On the other hand, there’s clever Mercury that wants to gain through variety, fun, caution and practicality.

Obviously, these are deep differences and contrasting priorities.

So to succeed in your communication and work and put more money in your bank account, here for you—3 easy ways to use impeccable speech, effective writing and plain fun to achieve your business and life goals.

Clarity boost

Imagine you’re sitting in front of an online spreadsheet, trying to balance figures and totals.

Suddenly, the numbers in the cells start expanding and you notice numerical possibilities you’ve never considered before.

You then cross your arms, kick the chair away from your desk and begin visualizing a faraway galaxy from where numbers might originate.

You see the number 5 dancing in your mind. For the first time, you notice how this digit has had a recurring presence in your life: in your date of birth, the day you got married and—today happens to be the 5th day of the 5th month of the year.

Meanwhile, you’re forgetting the spreadsheet, your accounting and deadlines.

You get the gist.

Even though contemplating new ideas can be both desirable and necessary, in accounting, search-engine optimization, research—and other Mercurial interests—we need boundaries, analysis and pragmatism.

Here’s another analogy.

You’re on the phone with a friend who asks you a simple question: “Did you go out today?”

You mentally go back to the day’s events and remember that no, you didn’t go out because you received a phone call from your aunt Mary who told you a long story about your cousin John.

Then, you skip replying to your friend’s question.

Instead you begin sharing with him details about your conversation with your aunt.

So, to avoid getting lost in Pisces’ waters and for better analytical, writing and speaking skills, try the following.

  • Be simple and concise—your best options when Mercury is debilitated.
  • Recite OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Wednesdays to improve your relationship with all things Mercury at work, home and in society.



Be inspired

Einstein makes for an interesting case study, as Mercury was placed in Pisces in his natal chart.

In fact, he was a major advocate for the merging of science and religion.

Intuition—one of Pisces’ gifts—was at the core of his inventions and scientific breakthroughs.

To make the best of Mercury in this sign of Jupiter:

  • Give voice to your spiritual needs.
  • Meditate to increase your intuitive skills.
  • Express your poetic vein. Mercury in Pisces can inspire you to compose emotional verses about the Divine or the beauty of nature.
  • Be creative and embellish your business tools. Go beyond routine and boredom, and add lovely photos to your website and social media posts.

More powerful Vedic steps

As explained in both the Rig Veda and Dr. Pillai’s teachings, fire ceremonies are effective methods for infusing your prayers and wishes with the benevolent energy of various planetary archetypes.

Vishnu is the celestial being who controls Mercury. He is believed to bring wealth, good luck in business, better communication and perfect health.

Sponsoring fire rituals to Mercury and Vishnu is said to bring you miracles in all the above.


Enjoy the energies!

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