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Skanda Shasti is here and Dr. Pillai has a message from the God of the Pleiades…

Space God

“The upcoming 6 Days of Muruga is a very important time frame because we have a special energy coming into this Earth Plane from the Pleiades. The Pleiadians have a vested interest as far as beings on the Earth Plane are concerned.

In fact once upon a time, the Pleiadian race occupied the Earth Plane, particularly Tamil Nadu of Southern India. It’s one of the areas where you have the descendants of the Pleiadian race having once occupied this Earth Plane. That’s why there are some very rare teachings available in the Tamil language, which is a Pleiadian language.

Once upon a time, on the whole Earth Plane there was only one language—and that was Tamil. This is on the internet if you want to take a look at it; it’s interesting to do that. Tamil has a lot of secrets. The Tamil mantras are a lot more powerful than other mantras in other languages, including Sanskrit.

Power of Thoughtlessness

Why should we worship Muruga? Muruga is not just the God of Intelligence, he is also the God of Action. Just having intelligence is not enough, we need action and vice versa. To have intelligence and action is a big thing, and Muruga has it.

You can’t get intelligence and the ability to act anywhere else unless Muruga gives it to you.

If your mind stops thinking, Buddha called it Nirvana. Nirvana means emptiness in English. If we can be like that—without thoughts in our mind—we get super-intelligence and super-ability to act. I am thinking Shakti and the more I think about it, I would say super-power. It won’t come by reading or other teachings.

Only Muruga gives that.”

– Dr. Pillai

Tonight is the first moon of Skanda Shasti and the inner warrior is ready to awaken! Click the button below to see what Dr. Pillai has planned for this years descent of Muruga.

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