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Muruga is a celestial warrior being originating from the constellation Pleiades (or Seven Sisters) and ruler of the Red Planet, Mars.

In 2015, Skanda Shasti, a six-day celebration of Muruga, starts on November 12 and ends on November 17.

Visitor from the Pleaiades

According to Dr. Pillai and the Siddhas, an ancient and advanced extraterrestrial civilization, known as Pleiadians, lived in Tamil Nadu, a state in the southernmost point of India, touched by the coastal waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

Muruga is endowed with supernatural intelligence, while the human race is currently operating on average with 5 percent of the brain.

Moreover, this celestial being loves the Earth and the human race, and wants to help with his full command of six parts of the brain, including the pineal gland (or third eye).

So Muruga can provide the human race with major brain enhancements.

Two additional extraterrestrial beings resembling a rooster and a peacock, accompany Muruga everywhere.

Super Powers

Muruga’s extraordinary characteristics stem from tapping into his entire brain.

We know that he is extremely strong and courageous. He can help humans by boosting their courage and stamina and transmitting cosmic knowledge of reality.

Muruga teaches us the meaning of a short, but immensely powerful sound of creation, which encompasses the whole universe. This sound is nothing other than ‘Om’, a vibrational sound that is sacred in many spiritual traditions.

He is said to have taught the secrets of this sound to Shiva, the omnipotent celestial being of the Vedas—four sacred texts of India.

His other power sounds are: Sha Ra Va Na Ba Va.

Vel, Weapon of Choice and Star Rulership1

Muruga’s celestial weapon, or Vel, is a super-powerful lance that contributes to this God’s invincibility and symbolizes the miracle-making properties of the third eye.

Muruga, also known as Subramanian, Kartikeya and Skanda, is the ruler of the constellation Krittika, in the Pleiades star cluster. But this God is also associated with Vishaka constellation.

He is a red-light being, whose anthropomorphic form resembles a very beautiful 5-year-old boy. He is, in Dr. Pillai’s words, the “photon light of the Pleiades.”

Human Empowerment and Kundalini

Muruga rules the 6th lunar phase, known as Shasti in the Vedic astronomical and astrological system.

The energies of the 6th Moon bestow courage and the necessary strength to ban negativity and scarcity. In fact, this energy is helpful to those who suffer from an excessive debt load and need help with their finances.

Invoking Muruga can also defeat enemies and grant victory in all endeavors, including disputes and litigation.


Enjoy the energies!

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by Lalitha Devi



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