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I came here to reconnect with the Pleiadian force that is going to change the world, said Dr. Pillai after suddenly returning to India at a time when he was scheduled to stay in the U.S. “I have been divinely inspired to do a program for the six days of Muruga,he revealed in a video recording from Tamil Nadu, South India.

Just a week after landing on the American continent, he cut his sojourn short to be back in South India where we canregain the glory of our past with the help of this Pleiadian God, he said.

A New Brain Courtesy of Muruga

“The only justification for me to be on this earth plane is to bring the Golden Age,” Dr. Pillai explained. But we need a technology from outer space, from the Pleiades.

According to Dr. Pillai, at a time when humanity is facing multiple crises—spanning from economics to environmental—Muruga, the God of the Pleiades, can give us a new brain and deeper understanding,

This superhuman feat is currently impossible with our dysfunctional brains operating at reduced power with a mere 5 percent of their capacities. Dr. Pillai stated also that 5 percent is a generous and optimistic estimate.

Pleiadian Super Intelligence

We need to develop a special intelligence and activate currently unused areas of the brain. And that’s the reason I have offered in the past programs on the midbrain.”

“The calcification of the pineal gland or ‘third-eye’ happens in the world’s population very early, between ages 8 and 9.”

After Navratri, when the Goddesses destroyed evil and restored righteousness, and after a Victory Day celebrating the death of powerful demons at the hands of Durga and Lord Rama, here comes Muruga to vanquish the remaining dark forces and usher an era of global enlightenment.

A Beautiful and Invincible 5-Year-Old 1

He is an unusual warrior—an immensely good-looking and perennially 5-year-old boy, who can defeat armies of enemies and evil forces singlehandedly.

More important, he can activate six different parts of your brain, including the third eye, corresponding to his six faces and aspects.

For this reason, Dr. Pillai is now offering a program (November 11-17) that includes visits to six power spots of Muruga, “to awaken the total brain,” in addition to some powerful spiritual vortexes such as Arunachala and Swamimalai, birth places of great Masters who became enlightened there.

Dr. Pillai described Muruga as “the photon light from the Pleiades that started the Golden Age in 2012.”

An Exclusive Retreat to Open Your Third Eye

This program will take the shape of an exclusive retreat with a limited number of people during the Six Days of Muruga, his six most powerful days of the year.

Skanda Shasti is a six-day celebration in honor of Muruga, son of Shiva and ruler of the third eye. For modern scientists, the third eye is still a mystery and is currently the subject of studies regarding its use and functions.

Although the third eye looks just like a tiny gland, its superpowers were well known by ancient yogis, Siddhas, Rishis and enlightened Masters of India and other cultures.

“It isn’t me doing this program, but the Divine who’s trying to help the human race and save this planet. I invite you to come. You will learn, in addition to very important techniques to open the third eye, that life is enlightenment and, primarily love.

Enjoy the energies!

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by Lalitha Devi




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