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Mystery School Testimony Dr. Pillai

Vijay shares his experiences with Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2021

Vijay: “Hello everyone, I would like to share with you my personal experiences studying with Dr. Pillai in his Mystery School 2021.

Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2021 began in June 2021 and ended in May 2022.

When I joined Dr. Pillai’s first live Month 1 Mystery School teaching, I wasn’t expecting anything much – I figured Dr. Pillai would gradually ease us into the Mystery School teachings.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

During his live Month 1 teaching, Dr. Pillai initiated us into a supremely powerful technique He had never revealed before! 

This technique gives you mastery over your third eye

When practiced consistently, this third-eye-awakening technique can give you thought manifestation, siddhi (supernormal) abilities and allow you to access higher divine realms. But that was not all. After initiating us into the third eye awakening technique, Dr. Pillai revealed a second technique to us, initiating us into a secretive mantra from thousands of years ago to strengthen our ability to acquire the power of thought manifestation!

I was truly overwhelmed by what Dr. Pillai had just blessed us with. This was because it was very personal for me. When Dr. Pillai initiated us into the third eye awakening technique, I heard a loud distinct voice in me say to me, “This is what you came here to learn; this is the teaching your soul took a human birth to learn…”

With the third eye awakening technique, I realized Dr. Pillai had fulfilled my soul’s purpose 

I can only imagine the countless lifetimes my soul had spent, taking human birth after human birth over centuries, searching for the Supreme Guru who could give me such mystical knowledge!

If Month 1 of Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2021 wasn’t profound enough, in Month 2, Dr. Pillai initiated us into a technique that gave our consciousness the ability to travel at the speed of Light for supreme intelligence!

And if that wasn’t enough, in early September 2021, for his Month 4 Mystery School teaching, Dr. Pillai initiated us what he literally said was his “ultimate teachings” – three divine techniques to attain the mind of God, including initiating us into a set of mantras, which in Dr. Pillai’s own words, was the password to call upon Dr. Pillai and to access his Divine grace and energies!

In my heart, Dr. Pillai’s teachings for Month 4 of his Mystery School 2021 were beyond profound 

There are no superlatives to describe his teachings. At that stage, I thought to myself, ‘We are only in Month 4 of Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2021, what could possibly come next?!’

I got my answer in a mind-blowing Month 9 Dr. Pillai live webcast which culminated Dr. Pillai’s teachings on thought manifestation.

During his Month 9 live webcast, Dr. Pillai initiated us into the divine state of “effectual consciousness” – a state of consciousness where you think of what you want to manifest (the effect/results/end goal) without worrying about how/why (the cause) your manifestation is going to materialize in your life.

During his Month 9 live webcast, Dr. Pillai distinctly told us:

“I am going to give you the mantra that I pulled from Heaven, just for you. That will give you effect or effectual consciousness, without looking for causes. No cause. No cause is needed.”

The mantra for effectual consciousness which Dr. Pillai “pulled from Heaven, just for you” was a gift I could never have dreamed of receiving. 

When you embark on Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School for Asia and receive this sacred mantra, you will be in a state of tremendous bliss

Dr. Pillai was so compassionate to entrust us with this precious blessing so that we do not have to materially struggle in our personal lives – we now have the divine mantra to attain the state of “effectual consciousness.”

Looking back, in just one year of Dr. Pillai Mystery School teachings, I know in my heart that Dr. Pillai has given me teachings which my soul has spent countless number of lifetimes searching for, and is the reason why my soul took a human birth at this moment in time to learn from Dr. Pillai.

As I write this sharing, there are still quite a few months remaining in Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2021. I know that Dr. Pillai will compassionately keep giving us all the divine teachings that will guide us for the rest of our lives.

I have been very blessed to have experienced the life-transforming teachings of Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2021. I truly encourage all of you not to miss this priceless opportunity to study with Dr. Pillai and change your life forever.

With love,


Mystery School For Asia | 1-year Journey of Miracles 

Dr. Pillai’s 1-year journey of miracles, Mystery School for Asia (which is open to all globally), can help you continue your path to spiritual evolution. With the support of Dr. Pillai’s mantra initiations, your highest material and spiritual accomplishments may be achieved. 

Listen to Dr. Pillai’s Message on Mystery School Asia

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