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Fire Lab Lakshmi

Dr. Pillai: “I am going to give you my favorite mantra, the Goddess mantra, which I have been responsible for, along with Vishwamitra who created this mantra ‘Brzee’ to do with this fire lab. 

That gives you everything, removes your karma, all kinds of ignorance, and then gives you infinite blessings, particularly material blessings. 

That mantra in this fire lab is ‘Shreem Brzee’

Om Shreem Brzee 

Shreem Brzeeis the modern contemporary mantra for Lakshmi. ‘Shreem’ always exists, always the ‘Brzee,’ the one that I brought in, refined, and combined. I have given a particular meditation for ‘Shreem Brzee’ which is the best of many ways of doing ‘Brzee.’ But this one is to make the sound of ‘Shreem Brzee’ to ride on the electron. The electron speed is similar, slightly less than the speed of light. Then you make the mantra ride on that, so that it goes so fast and gets great benefits.

Om Shreem Brzee Devi Swaha

At the speed of light, you are moving 99% at least electron speed or elementary particles. Just imagine you are riding on that and that imagination will work. 

Om Shreem Brzee Devi Swaha

I recommend that you do the Shreem Brzee Devi Swaha as a fire ritual centered in the third eye and then with all the understanding that you are riding on the electron as you associateShreem Brzeewith the electron – the most tremendous speed similar to light. Then you will get the maximum power inside the sound.

It is a technology which is even beyond quantum physics; you cannot understand because it is Divine

Om Shreem Brzee

Om Shreem Brzee Devi Swaha

Close your eyes. Move at the speed of electrons. You are riding on the electron and you certainly say mentally in the third eye, three times:

Om Shreem Brzee Devi Swaha

Then give a drop of ghee. Ghee is clarified butter from the cow. I call ghee as the blood sacrifice. A blood sacrifice is better understood in the life of Jesus. He was a sacrifice. Why ghee? It is the transformed blood of the cow. The cow is a divine being, not just an animal. It has been refined, clarified butter, and ghee. It animates or helps in the animation process. 

One drop of ghee will do immense good.

I have shared with you many of the secrets which need to be told to other people. Share it with others. I want to create a Global Fire Ritual program. This is a prototype of what it is going to be, this is how. It has to be done.

You do it on yourself to elevate your consciousness, go into the third eye, and understand what light and heat are implicated or involved and utilized in this fire lab

Then your third eye is awakened. After that, make a prayer: Give me a house, whatever you want, a relationship or health, and invoke whatever God you would like to invoke.

That is all I wanted to say about this fire ritual. I want to start a global movement around this fire ritual because people think the fire ritual is stupid. But you are not the only one to call the fire ritual stupid. Even the Buddha said it was stupid. Why did the Buddha not believe in God who did not believe in a soul? 

He believed in Nirvana, which is the absence of the mind and getting into super consciousness, and that is all that you need to do. While I am not denying that is the power of nirvana of getting into a non-mind condition, but even better than that, even better than gluons, even better than the subatomic particles – even better than the bosons is Agni, and ‘Shreem Brzee.’

But this is in itself a self-contained program that I wanted everybody to use, understand the principle behind the fire rituals, revive it, do it and prove to yourself that it works. Then others will do the same thing. God bless.”

Individual Fire Lab Coaching for Divine Intervention

Dr. Pillai has commissioned a new individual fire lab coaching experience to support those seeking maximum, targeted results. He has blessed select Fire Lab Specialists who have the ability to communicate with specific archetypes to call on their Divine Intervention. 

After the fire lab, the specialist will continue to intercede on the participant’s behalf by offering prayers through poojas performed during key powertimes throughout the 30 days following the fire ritual. 

Watch the replay of the Fire Lab performed by Dr. Pillai 

Download The Meditation Audio From Dr. Pillai’s fire lab

Shreem Brzee Meditation and Mantra Audios 

You can access Dr. Pillai’s free ‘Shreem Brzee’ meditation and mantra audios here:

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