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power of Shreem Brzee


The Power of the ‘Brzee’ Mantra

Dr. Pillai: Vishwamitra, this great emperor who revealed the sound ‘Brzee,’ pulled it from the ether. It was already existent and he said that the ‘Brzee’ sound will give you wealth – that it would make everyone live a life of abundance, and that was his intention. Vishwamitra means, “the friend of the people.” He’s a friend because he wanted to help humanity.

Vishwamitra also wanted every one of his citizens to have a royal life like a king.

How many kings, how many prime ministers, how many presidents are thinking like that? Why? Why did Vishwamitra think like that? Because he was a great king, and he wanted not just an economic solution through political means. Politically and economically, it is not possible to give a royal life to everyone. How can you give a royal life?

Somehow, Vishwamitra thought that it was possible, but it was possible through divine means, not by human means. That’s why he came up with this sound, ‘Brzee.’


The Most Important Sound is ‘Brzee’

Every day we are wasting our mind because we do not know what is going to work and what is not going to work. We have to turn all of ourselves with heart and soul to this divine light. 

What is that light which is beyond the intellectual comprehension that is going to give us all these great things? That is the sound ‘Brzee.’ Vishwamitra spent 1200 years creating this sound to uplift humanity. 

[Brzee] has tremendous power. It can give you both material and spiritual wealth. This sound can enlighten you, bring more light into the system, give more direction, and arrest the waste of mind. 

The most important sound is ‘Brzee.’ This sound has miraculous power — 1200 years of meditation power is packed into this sound. Whenever you are in trouble, just say this sound — ‘Brzee’ — a few times. You will find an answer. If you have a problem, say this sound. I only became the man who transmits the sound. This sound belongs to the saint Vishwamitra who said, “Well, you just take this. “You have a disease. Use this sound.” This sound will help you accomplish a lot of things that you cannot accomplish through the use of your mind. 

We are yet to establish what happens in the brain. When you say ‘Brzee,’ we have some preliminary amateur results. 

But then we have done Harvard research on how the sounds change the brain – particularly intelligence –  and how it goes to various parts of the brain and what sounds activate what parts of the brain. For that, we have research supported by great institutions like Harvard and Brain Science International. 


Shreem Brzee Can Lift The Conceptual Mind Block

The mind is so negative. Just look at your mind. There is a conceptual mind block. ‘Shreem Brzee’ can lift the conceptual block – the sound, the nada, will go and diffuse it. Nada, which is a sound functioning at a very, very subtle level, creates everything. There is nothing that exists in this world which is not backed by nada. 

Sound is the basis for consciousness, and consciousness is the basis for matter. Just go on saying ‘Brzee, Brzee, Brzee, Brzee, Brzee.’ One thing that I have to tell you is that we use it as ‘Shreem Brzee,’ because the ‘Shreem’ was added by me. But Vishwamitra said that it’s only Brzee. I didn’t say that because I just wanted to take you in steps rather than do Brzee directly.


Immerse Yourself Into Shreem Brzee with Pillai Center’s Shreem Brzee Manifestation Immersion Program

Pillai Center is offering a 8-week program that includes training, meditations, and remedies with the ultimate wealth mantra. 

There is still time to enroll. 




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