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Fire Lab

Dr. Pillai: “Welcome everyone. I am very delighted today to introduce you to a great technology which can give you knowledge as well as matter and wealth. 

What is this technology? 

This is the Vedic technology of fire ritual or which I call a “fire lab.” I introduced the term fire lab” many years ago to drive home the idea that the fire ritual is a platform similar to a lab, or a laboratory – where we experiment and prove whether something is right or wrong. The fire ritual, or yagna or Homa, as they are called in Sanskrit, is a great technology. It is not a religious practice.

It is all about knowing two fundamental forces or energy or both energy and force, both material and spiritual or metaphysical. It is all about heat, light, and the God presiding over the heat and light. I have spent most of my time trying to figure out how all these practices work in order to enrich our life’s spiritual practices. I am going to be very precise that I do not want to waste my time and your time.

The fire ritual is a simple but powerful ritual, which manipulates light and heat in order to bring the God Agni, which is the God of fire 

Agni is also the God of light and heat to provide you with both spiritual and material wealth, like rathna, (jewel in Sanskrit), gold, and precious metals buried in the Earth. He is in charge of that, he is a miner so to say, where you can go and take diamonds. The concept of God in Hinduism is very complex but very scientific.

There are several Gods. The fire God Agni, the God of light and heat. Just imagine, if you let go, and look at what heat and light do for us in our life. We cannot live without heat and light because primordial forces of heat and light are fundamental to our  existence. You cannot exist without them. Where is Agni the God? He is beyond these two forces, and these forces can be reduced to the nuclear force, say that gluons which hold together the subatomic particles within the atom. 

The best way for me to understand this is that there is a proton inside the proton, the quarks. These are the subatomic particles, and then there are other subatomic particles inside there. The gluon is that which creates the larger force and that force is Agni. But that is not true also, in a higher sense, because Agni is beyond those words, and then the only way you can scientifically. I think I am satisfied with gluon interpretation. That is very handy and illustrative.

The very fundamental subatomic force is what we are all looking for, which we have not been able to know fully well as responsible for life’s existence. Who controls that? Agni the God presides. There is a God that presides over all the forces and energies, whether they are atomic or subatomic or molecular or compound all these things. 

The Fire Ritual is the Super Science of the Vedic seers

Although even the Vedic seers themselves say that this is corrupt knowledge because it is called Kali Yuga. But still, it is the best knowledge beyond our modern science. It is not a lecture session where I am going to put a case and argue for the purpose of doing a fire ritual. When you do the fire ritual, the Rig Veda says, 

Agnimile purohitam yagnasya devam rtvijam hotaram ratnadhatamam 

He is the primordial force of the first priest, and the one who facilitates existence, knowledge, and wealth. Ratnadhatamam, gives you gold. How can I give you gold? I am going into the Earth and what makes your diamond, platinum, gold – everything is made through light and heat. That is the least to say about it. If you want a diamond and Gold, it is not just diamond, gold, and material things, but light and heat are also the highest consciousness. All this here is in charge of this God calling me who kind of has become emeritus, retired. He is being revived now. The reason is that Kali Yuga is ending and Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, is starting. 

The moment you will light the fire, what is happening? There is a chemical reaction taking place. The air is heated, the atoms are heated, and the energy that comes out from these flames is different from the electric bulb that is heat energy. There is a vast difference between candlelight and light from the electric bulb. That is why you have to use this and after that, you have to enrich this. God has come, but you have to invoke him whether you know it or not. 

By lighting the fire, the God Agni is there. The atoms are heated and illumination takes place. What happens with oxygen and the reactions? That is not far for us to go into, but the scientists will do that. What do you do? You have brought Agni here. 

Before you start this fire ritual, what you do is, you should really get into your higher state 

Beyond the mind, the higher state means beyond the mind. That means your third eye which is also the place where the soul is, which is the pineal gland. You should move your consciousness to the pineal gland, to the third eye. 

I want you to close your eyes so that you can experience what I am saying. Close your eyes and then focus attention on your third eye in between the two eyes visualizing a flame there. That flame is Agni. The fire God is also the soul, the soul atom of light and heat. I am going to say just one sound, and this is a way of doing the fire ritual – not like a robot without knowing anything but consciously with a proper understanding. As I said, it is all corrupt knowledge. But it is the best that I know of which I want to share with you. 

Focus your attention on the third eye. Then in order to quickly move into a higher state of consciousness beyond mind, the Maya [illusion], and ego, is to say this sound in different ways. There are many ways of doing it. I am going to give you one. Just say this sound Ka Ga Ka Ga and when you see the same sound and the third eye. Ka Ga. That will invoke the primordial force of Ganesha. Ganesha which is going up again, he is the elephant-headed God. He is also light and heat.

You can open your eyes, always put your attention to the third eye, and then invoke whatever God you want to invoke

The light outside or in the fire pit under the hand candle and inside the third eye has to be connected.

Watch your breath, hold it, and let it go into the third eye or the pineal gland. Being in that state of consciousness, you can invoke God Ganapati, the firstborn God who has to be invoked first to remove obstacles and a higher state of Gods.

Om Gum Ganapataye Swaha Vineshwaraya Swaha Vinayagaya Swaha

You pray to Ganesha to remove obstacles and awaken the third eye, and facilitate Agni the God of fire to come to the Earth plane to bless you through the fire ritual. You are already in a higher state of consciousness. 

Om agnimile purohitam yainasya devam rtvijam hotaram ratnadhatamam agninā ṟayim-āśnavat-Possam-eva ḍive-ḍive yasasam Viravat-ṭamam

It is difficult to learn lungs (slokas in Sanskrit). What I would say is you could say simple syllables, just as he said Ka. 

Even for Ganesha Ga Ga Ga Swaha. Swaha is to support the invocation mechanic, the flame, in the outside flame inside in the third eye and Ga. 

This is the fundamental step behind the fire ritual

It should not be done. As a ritual without any meaning or focus, the focus is important. 

Ga Na Swaha Ganapataye Swaha Ga Na Ganapataye Swaha

I am caught up in this body and mind in mundane consciousness to bless us with our real Divine Consciousness and take us to the abode of Gods and Goddesses. Make a prayer. Then you invoke Agni the fire God.

Om Agniye Swaha (3x) 

As you do this, just feel Agni surrounding your body, mind, and soul, and also the surroundings. Then keep chanting.

Om Agniye Swaha (3x)

Having invoked Agni, you can then invoke any God or Goddess you want. To invoke Shiva, you chant: 

Om Nama Shivaya Swaha

Na Ma Shi Va Ya

Nama Shivaya Swaha

If you say Namah Shivaya, you are addressing the constituents of consciousness and matter because Na is Earth, Ma is water, Shi is fire, Va is here, and Ya is Akash. These are fundamental constituents of consciousness as well as subatomic particles of the universe. There is no mantra, which can give you immense power like this one. You are more devoted to Vishnu.

Om Vishnuve Swaha 

Om Namo Narayanaya Swaha

Narayana and Vishnu are the same. Narayana is the mantra of Vishnu.”

Individual Fire Lab Coaching for Divine Intervention

Dr. Pillai has commissioned a new individual fire lab coaching experience to support those seeking maximum, targeted results. He has blessed select Fire Lab Specialists who have the ability to communicate with specific archetypes to call on their Divine Intervention. 

After the fire lab, the specialist will continue to intercede by offering prayers through poojas (prayer ceremonies) performed during key powertimes throughout the 30 days following the fire ritual. 

Click below to watch the replay of the Fire Lab performed by Dr. Pillai 

Download The Meditation Audio

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