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Ganesha Second-to-none

Dr. Pillai: “Second-to-none is a divine concept. It belongs to God and very rarely belongs to human beings. It is not that human beings cannot  have the second to none concept, they can. The President of the United States or the kings in different countries can probably have it, but most people do not. However, you can also have it regardless of where you are. 

I am going to talk about second-to-none as a concept and principle that smashes low self-esteem and lack of identity and getting-lost-in-the-mob mentality of mediocrity

We do not want to ask how we ended up having  low self-esteem. There are many reasons – our genetic lineage, the way we were raised, the environment plays a very important role, who your friends are, and what are your characteristics that sabotage having friends. All these factors play a role, but we can go and address each issue, and then figure out a strategy to deal with all of them that I have enumerated. But I am going to give you a divine solution. It is always good to go to the divine solution, because the divine solution does not take any time and is in the realm of the miracles. God can do miracles, but not humans. But when a human becomes Divine, you can do miracles too. 

How do you become the Divine in order to have a second-to-none consciousness? There are different Gods who are doing different things, just as on the Earth plane we have different divisions of labor. 

The God who is in charge of a concept of, or who owns the characteristics of second-to-none is Lord Ganesha 

Lord Ganesha is a God of great antiquity who is worshiped in different galaxies. He challenges everybody who does not subjugate him. He does not even spare his own father Shiva from this conviction that he is first and the father and everybody else is second, or third, or fourth.

If you put him in your consciousness all the time, then you will have the second-to-none consciousness of Ganesha

This is the simplest way of doing it. You become as you think. This is a very important concept. From morning till evening, if you are guided by stupid thoughts, then your consciousness will be stupid. The challenge is how to get beyond your self-sabotaging mind or mindset. This mindset is otherwise called karma. 

Karma is a chronic thinking pattern, which does not easily go away. I only say it does not easily go away, you can make that. I have been teaching techniques to get rid of your bad money or relationship karma. But then no one takes a deep look into the teachings that I have described on how to get rid of your karma. 

The first thing you have to do is to be a devotee of Ganesha

Start with thinking about him half an hour a day, just with the mantras that I have taught or whichever you like, then you can accomplish both, get rid of your karma on the one hand and then acquire his consciousness, which is second-to-none. 

You always run out of time. Time disappears, space disappears, everything disappears. For half an hour a day, just engage in Ganesha doing two things, using his mantra which is we can use any mantra like Om Moola Ganapataye Namaha. Moola means the original Ganapati. Chant Om Moola Ganapataye Namaha (3x) for half an hour and while we do that then the mind will go away and pull the mind back. Keep doing that. This will give you the identity.”

Become Second-to-None with the support of Ganesha

Dr. Pillai is committed to helping you become second-to-none in your life. After recording his new teachings on this topic for Ganesha’s 2021 Birthday, he was inspired to help you implement these new techniques under the guidance of an empowered Pillai Center Coach, and with the support of a special form of Ganesha he calls the “Listening Ganesha.”

This can help you expedite the process of assimilating Ganesha’s Second-to-none consciousness in your own life and accomplish your goals faster by compressing time with Ganesha’s help.

Ganesha Brings Fresh Opportunities for Success

 The 4th Waxing Moon is associated with Ganesha. The Moon in Purvashada is a star of success through discerning what is right for us and what is wrong for us. Jupiter hora—for an increase in optimism.

Dr. Pillai has explained that Ganesha can do more than remove obstacles. Ganesha can also send fresh opportunities for success. You can access the special energy of Ganesha through a Fire Lab to bring fresh opportunities for success on this day and make the most of those opportunities when they come. 

Ganesha Mantra Audios

You can chant to Dr. Pillai’s free Ganesha mantra audios to invoke Ganesha.

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