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“It can take up to eight years to train as a physician, but after years of study, a doctor will only acquire a limited understanding of the human body and how to heal it. In contrast, a healer can perform wonders in hardly any time at all.

As human beings, we have grown to rely heavily upon our own abilities. We have become arrogant and label angels, gods, beings, and aliens as superstitious. We fail to see the tremendous amount of success, understanding, and accomplishment we can gain from them.

Silence the Limiting Part of the Brain

We need to get rid of the rational mind which operates from the neocortex. It has a linear way of thinking and binds us to the law of cause and effect and the illusion of time. We have to go beyond the confines of this limiting mind. We live in a neocortex reality.

Timeline jumping gives us the freedom to operate on a different level of consciousness. The pineal gland helps us to jump time. It secretes Dimethyltryptamine which can alter the concept of time and space and allow access to a different realm. The ancients referred to Dimethyltryptamine as ‘Amrita’, an elixir responsible for higher wisdom.

The Medicinal Effects of Amrita

Amrita is said to cure both mental and physical illness. ‘Mrit’ stands for death. Amrita stands for non-death. Therefore, amrita is an elixir which has the potential to stop death and provide the wisdom needed to become successful on this Earth plane.”

– Dr Pillai


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