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This rather unattractive, grotesque figure of Narasimha can help you solve problems.

A person who is not very attractive has problems with his appearance or looks. The nose is not right. The eyes are not right, or the mouth is not right. Then they are worried. The Narasimha Archetype can help you solve that problem.

Sometime many years ago, I introduced this concept. Don’t think that this is something to be taken very lightly because, by revealing certain secrets, I also get into trouble by earning or creating Karma for myself. So, I must confess that whenever I reveal a divine secret, I have to go and find solutions by meditating or doing other things.



Invoke Lion-Headed Narasimha for Any Intense Problem

Narasimha is an Archetype that can be called upon anytime, not only for fixing one’s beauty, but also any intense problem. I know an instance when somebody was going to have a stroke and felt very weak. Narasimha’s chant did a lot of good for that person, and he confessed it to me. I have had anecdotes like this from a lot of people, and there are problems for which we find no solutions.

If you want to go deep into the subject, you can always do a Google Search. Google has more information than you need.

The most important thing is doing the ritual invocation right. That’s where I put a lot of emphasis, because the success depends on that particular ritual, and your recitation. I am going to give the recitation so that you can use it whenever you are confronted with some problem for which there is no easy solution.


Narahimsa’s Maha Mantra for Protection & Solving “Unsolvable” Problems


Ugram, Veeram, Maha Vishnum

(OO-grahm, VEE-rahm, MAH-hah VISH-noom)

Jwalantham, Sarvatho Mukham,

(JWAH-lahn-thahm, SAHR-vah-toe MOOK-hahm)

Narasimham Bheeshanam Badhram

(nah-rah-SIM-hahm BEE-shah-nahm BAHD-hrahm)

Mrutyor Mrityum Namamy Aham

(MROOT-yor MRIT-yum nah-MAH-mee AH-hahm)



Narasimha appears as fire. He’s half-lion, half-human, a very frightening look. Even the God of Death is afraid of him. If you pray to him, he will protect you. That’s the meaning of this recitation. Astroved and Pillai Center have programs that you can join to celebrate the descent of Narasimha.

God Bless.

Enlist Narasimha as Your Enemy- and Negativity-Vanquishing Angel

Wealth Archetype Vishnu, as the ferocious Narasimha Avatar, embodies the energy that can ruthlessly destroy your enemies, protect you from diseases and mishaps, and bless you with victory, prosperity, and abundance.

If you are subject to others’ jealousy, hatred, or enmity, Narasimha can bring special relief to you.

All you need to do is know how to reach out and connect with his energy, and Pillai Center Academy has put together a program to help you do just that. It’s called Narasimha: Beauty, Power and Protection.


Learn More 


“This evening… has been a spiritually powerful one. The energy of Narasimha is mind-blowing! I immensely thank Babaji (Dr. Pillai) and Narasimha for their grace and blessings and infusing me with a massive dose of Hope, Faith & Love!” – Markandeya


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