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“2020 is going to be the year of miracles. It is the year when you can get things squared away. The most important thing that I want to emphasize is your prosperity. I always emphasize prosperity as the foundation for everything. If you have prosperity then you do not have to worry about your future because there is money in the bank, there are resources, there is a guarantee for a job—all these are related to prosperity. How do you ruin your prosperity? It is because of one thing that I’m beginning to perceive and receive more information on; it is jealousy. It is the reason most people suffer. Jealousy creates poverty, period. How? Metaphysically what is happening is the Goddess of Poverty immediately takes hold of you. Your sovereignty that you are God is lost, and you become miserable. I am making this New Year program available on January 1 to teach you how to drive away your misfortune, the Goddess of Poverty, from your consciousness. There will be techniques for changing the neurons in your brain, changing your body to disallow diseases, and also changing your fortune, or prosperity. I want you to start the New Year with this so you can empower your brain, body, and soul. Let us welcome a prosperous life for everyone in 2020. God Bless!”

— Dr. Pillai 

Dr. Pillai’s New Year program will be a medium through which he reveals new teachings and techniques that he delivered while in retreat at Arunachala (the mountain of fire) in Thiruvannamalai on the day of enlightenment, Deepam, 2019. Dr. Pillai was specifically guided to release these new teachings to the general public for the new year and decade on January 1. They include a three-step meditation process with powerful mantras to drive the Goddess of Poverty, the personification of your misfortune, out of your consciousness. Dr. Pillai’s intention is to bring your body and mind into alignment with the power of your soul, so you can create perfect prosperity in 2020.

“In this program, I am going to talk to your soul, awaken it, and make it take charge of your life. Your body will no longer be the old body. Your brain will no longer be the old brain. Everything will be changed for the better, changed to receive and act out miracles but from the awareness of your atman or soul. It is quite natural to think and manifest. You will not be confused. You will not be angry or frustrated. Your everything will be joy, bliss, or ananda. In real life, you will experience that.”

– Dr. Pillai



In the first half of the new program, Dr. Pillai will be revealing some of his 2020 prophecies including what we can expect and how we will have the opportunity to benefit in the new year and beyond. The prophecies will be primarily centered around why and how 2020 will be a year of miracles, including how science and metaphysics will be involved. Dr. Pillai will also be sharing his divine insights about re-activating our neurology, accessing atomic power latent within us, and how to prevent the destruction of your prosperity.


In the second half of the program, Dr. Pillai will be revealing a three-part meditation with mantras and mind processes to drive away misfortune and manifest perfect prosperity.

Part 1: Access the Prosperity Already Within You

“You are prosperous already. Every time you use these sounds, you will completely empower your body, mind, and soul. They are going to create prosperity thoughts by empowering the billions of neurons you are born with, which are not being used. They are going to empower your biology to drive away all diseases. They are also going to empower your soul.” – Dr. Pillai
In part one of the meditation, Dr. Pillai teaches you how to access the prosperity already within you by reawakening the billions of neurons in your brain. As a result, your brain can have the opportunity to function at its highest level. However, the sounds do much more. Dr. Pillai has also been revealed that they will also empower your body and even your soul with supreme intelligence.
  • ~ Awaken the Divine neurons of your brain to think and manifest perfect prosperity
  • ~ Unlock the Divine intelligence of your body to create a vehicle free of diseases
  • ~ Unleash the Divine power of your soul for supreme power, wisdom, and bliss


Part 2: Recieve the Miracle of Prana

“I am going to give you a miracle. Your poverty thoughts will be crushed. The root cause for all your failure and misery will be crushed. Your kundalini will rise to your crown chakra and then you will be empowered. Your empowerment will be so profound and unlimited that all your negativity, all your misconception of things, all your jealousy, anger, greed––everything will be gone and you will feel that you are sovereign and sovereignty will come to you.” — Dr. Pillai

In part two of the meditation, Dr. Pillai teaches you how to absorb pranic life force energy into your body through visualization and sacred sound. As a result, your kundalini will rise from the bottom of the spine to the top of your head crushing all diseases and limitations, empowering you with the ability to dictate reality from a state of bliss consciousness.

  • ~ Crush poverty and the root cause for all your failures and misery
  • ~ Raise your kundalini to the top of your head for identifying with bliss
  • ~ Reclaim your God-sovereignty to easily manifest unlimited prosperity


Part 3: Experience God’s Light Shining on You

“This is the mercy from the divine to solve your chronic problems. You are not simply going to be misled anymore by your mind and senses, your social consciousness, or your jealousy. You will be free from all these restrictions. From this day onwards the light of God will be shining on you.”

In the final part three, Dr. Pillai initiates you into a mantra and mind process for securing the grace of God to become all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present. Dr. Pillai has mentioned that this culmination point of the meditation will go deep into your soul.
  • ~ Solve your chronic problems permanently
  • ~ Overcome being misled by your karma for unlimited freedom
  • ~ Receive the light and mercy of God to become omni-powerful


Dr. Pillai has been inspired directly by the Divine to usher in the new year and decade with this program. By participating from the beginning on January 1, you will gain the opportunity to make full use of the entire year for creating miracles and a new destiny in 2020 and beyond. Take advantage by joining the program so you can receive the tools and empowerment specifically designed to maximize this time for accelerating your evolution in leaps and bounds.

Inspired by Dr. Pillai, we have created three different ways for you to benefit from his Awakened Soul program. Depending on how much support you want to invoke, each of the three packages offers a new way to benefit from this auspicious time, including the opportunity to join the program only, the program with live western-based interactive prayer offering events, or the program with all of the above plus exclusive proxy prayer offerings performed on your behalf in India. Scroll down below to learn more and sign up with the package you feel drawn to.

Start your 2020 with an immersion into Dr. Pillai’s latest teachings. Experience teacher support, the power of community and daily reminders to help shift out of old habits and into a newly awakened consciousness.

To Your Empowerment,

Your Pillai Center Team



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