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Dr. Pillai elaborates on the popular New Age concept of the “Now” and shares a mantra that can help you get there and stay there.

in the now

Living in the ‘Now’ is a popular concept among New Age people and also people who are spiritual, at least in the West. It’s a very important concept, but the problem is no one precisely knows what is meant by the ‘Now’… and how to live it.

‘Now; is stopping all movement because ‘Now’ is time, and time is movement. And stopping Time, stopping movement, is to be in the ‘Now’. That’s how “Now” can be understood precisely.

There is tremendous amount of benefit if you are able to stop the time, stop the movement. Then you are in the ‘Now’, and once you are in the ‘Now’ you can deal with all of the problems: the problems of the body, the problems of the mind, the problems of relationship, the problem of money.

All of these can be handled.

I have been contemplating on this for some time, and now I have crystallized my ideas, and I have come up with a new word, or I have coined this word: ‘Nowization’.

‘Nowizing’ the mind, ‘nowizing’ the body, and ‘nowizing’ relationship. Precisely, and simply put, it means to stay in the ‘Now’ as far as the mind is concerned, as far as the body is concerned, and as far as relationships are concerned.

How can you stay in the ‘Now’ as far as the mind is concerned? How can you stay in the ‘Now’ because the ‘Now’ eludes you?

The ‘Now’ is simply not the present as we understand the present to be. Presently what are you doing? ‘I am working for a company’. That is not the present. ‘Now’ brings in the real present.

The real present is not subjected to time. It is an ‘Eternal Present’. That present is beyond the mind. That’s why you have to stop the mind.

Now, how do you do that?

You simply do it through a number of techniques. The Yogis have their own techniques, the Siddhas have their own techniques, and I have come up with my own techniques. So I want to put together all of them in one place so that people will understand what it really means to be in the ‘Now’ as far as the mind is concerned, and then how you can take advantage of being in the ‘Now’.

I’m going to give you a mantra to help the mind to stay in the ‘Now’ and that’s very important. The mantra to stop the mind from the Yogic tradition comes from Patanjali. It is my application of Patanjali to the study of ‘Now’ as far as the mind is concerned.

The sound: CHIT VRIT can stop the mind.

Patanjali uses it in his first technique of stopping the mind:

‘Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha’

Patanjali is a very conscious individual. Every syllable that he uses, he knows why he is using it and what it is going to do.

So you can stop the mind, and be in the “Now” if you do this technique.

I will have a few other techniques from the other traditions, from the Siddha Tradition, who want to stop the breath. And what happens to the mind, what states of consciousness will occur, will be dealt with.

God bless.

– Dr. Pillai

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