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Dr. Pillai talks about Vedic Temples and how visiting these spiritual power centers can wipe away your karma.



“I was born for a purpose, and the purpose is to remove the karma of the people.

That is the reason why I was born in Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram is an island in southern India where the temple vortex has some twenty-two or twenty-four wells. These wells carry water which will wash away the sins of people or the karma of people.

Those people who go and have experience with the water in those wells have testimonies. They get better even while they are bathing in those wells—the water in the wells is so powerful!

In short, the temples here in southern India, particularly Tamil Nadu are vortices. Vortices have divine power to remove the sins or karma of people.

You can instantaneously change your financial karma, your health karma, your relationship karma. All these are related to the planets and each planet has its own deity or overlord. These planets and deities share temple vortices.

Just going to these vortices and being in the presence of that energy itself will remove the karma—even without a prayer. You don’t even have to have prayer. The energy goes into your body, into your DNA, which carries your bad money karma, bad relationship karma, bad health karma. They are all stored in your DNA.

Each temple has a well, and these wells carry the energy to wash away the sins or karma that you have created and for which you are born in this lifetime (to experience that suffering).

If there is one thing that is the most important, to take care of somebody’s suffering or find a remedy for somebody’s suffering, it is to go to these temple vortices.

Spiritual Power Stations

These temples are like technology oriented vortices—hi-tech vortices—where you can see the removal of your karma… if you are alert. Even if you do not ‘feel it’ while you are in the temple, this can also happen. In most cases you ‘feel it’.

It is very important that everyone should go.

No amount of attending seminars or reading books will substitute the temple visits.

The temples where these energies are available are places chosen by siddhas and yogis. They gave all their power to that particular vortex, and the energy stays there in those vortices. That’s how it works.

So, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of visiting temples.

Most of them are in this Kumbakonam area where the world was first created. There are vortices for money, vortices for health, vortices for relationships, vortices for enlightenment. All of them are in this area.

I very strongly encourage it.”

– Dr. Pillai


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