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Christmas Astrology

Doubling of our engagements, miles of to-do lists, skipping meals and overeating sweets: the main question these days is multifaceted—How do I make it through the Holidays with enough time and money for all I need to do, still enjoy myself and avoid fatigue.

Of course for some less fortunate people, concerns may be different and more serious, but for the average person stretching time and financial resources are key to navigate without problems this joyous, but rather stressful time.

Looking at the astrological conditions for the rest of the month one thing stands out: the planets are positioned for delivering inspirational, religious, spiritual, and even compassionate times until the end of December and New Year’s Day. Moreover, energy will be high and one can find plenty of resources for staying healthy and yet enjoy festive meals with others.

The tips below will help make the best of these astrological rays to bring about good cheer and avoid stressful situations.

Heed Sagittarius’ optimism. When three planets (Venus, Mercury and the Sun) are in Sagittarius, people may enjoy spending time in their church, synagogue, temple or other places of worship. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is high-minded and a transcendental planet—even in retrograde, he is still in a very compatible sign of his friend, the Moon, and exalted. Not only will you enjoy getting together with those whose metaphysical views are similar to yours, but also you may feel more idealistic and less concerned with material reality. Your spiritual horizons and the understanding of universal laws may expand, too.

goal setting

Stay disciplined. Normally easier said than done, making a daily plan of duties and exercise is a must for enjoying this season. Mars will be on your side from Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. Waking up early and getting a form of exercise to increase your energy levels and health may be easier than usual. When we think about it, even 15 minutes of yoga, or 30 minutes of speed walking are enough to keep us bubbling with energy and good health. And we are always happier after our fitness routine—endorphins (the feel-good chemicals) are released and cortisol (the stress hormone) levels are decreased, not to mention that your appearance will benefit.

Put on your baby face. We all want to look and feel youthful especially during a time of holiday parties. A wonderful byproduct of meditation is a softer facial expression and a calmer, more positive mind. I am always pleased when I look at my students after yoga and meditation—they look years younger and seem more innocent. Innocence is attractive, and a child-like demeanor can improve our relationships with family and loved ones, makes us more inclined to learn new subjects, keeps our heart open and increases our capacity for fun. Ketu, the south lunar node, now in Pisces (sign of mysticism and transcendence), can increase your desire for meditative practices.


Share your good fortune. There is no need to look at statistics to know that generosity brings us true happiness and reduces our own pain. Feelings of compassion and satisfaction from relieving someone’s suffering are signs that our contribution was both needed and successful. Jupiter in Cancer is generous with others and ‘aspects’ Saturn in Scorpio—this may transform us from the inside out by making us more compassionate.

Go holistic. Rahu is in Virgo. This is a sign that wants to heal others. Rahu, a rebel par excellence, can bring an intense desire to search at unconventional healing methods—holistic medicine may increase our resources for improving our health. A cup of ginger tea, or an Ayurvedic supplement may appeal to you more now than conventional healing methods in case of a stomach upset or fatigue. This approach may improve our general outlook at a time when we are more likely to sleep less, miss regular meals or overeat.

Play more. With four planets in Jupiter signs you may feel like spending more time with children and playing with them. Don’t hold back and have fun together.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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