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Dr. Pillai talks about miracles and where they come from…

mind barrier

The problem, or reason we are not able to do miracles or experience miracles is the mind.

It is the mind that is the barrier.

If the mind is not there, miracles will be very easy. Mind stops the blessings because it’s analytical. It doesn’t believe that by tomorrow, or the end of the month, you will have $100,000. If the mind is able to believe that, it will happen.

The observer is everything.

Quantum Physics says there is no matter. Accept the mind at the quantum level. Heisenberg’s Theory of Uncertainty says we are in the infinite field of possibilities, provided we are not stuck in this discursive, analytical mind, mind that asks: ‘How in the world is $100,000 going to show up? It’s impossible’ or ‘How in the world is my cancer going to be cured? It’s pancreatic cancer and the doctors said you only have two to three months to live.’

We don’t have the ability to believe in things. But what we are able to believe is: ‘Yes, you have pancreatic cancer and in a few days you will die.’ We are able to believe that.

Even to believe your salary is $7000 a month; that we are able to believe. But to believe that you are going to have $35,000 or $100,000 a month, the mind is not able to believe.

The problem is the mind.

Direct the Mind

Osho used to put it in a very beautiful way: You should be able to direct your mind; never allow the mind to direct you.

You have to step outside the mind and be the director. Be the director of the mind, then miracles are possible.

Where is the ‘you’? The ‘you’ is the gap in between the two thoughts.

There is a gap in between two thoughts, and that is the quantum ground state of consciousness. That is the state from which you can create miracles.

It is a science. A miracle is not something metaphysical. It is not just about faith. It is being in a state where you are completely, completely available to the infinite possibilities.

Right now the mind imposes structures onto everything. This is how it is. That’s why we have to get out of the mind, then the possibilities of miracles are there.

The science of miracles is available in all of our scriptures. The intellectual property in India is amazing. I still continue to live in India most of the time.

In the thirty-some years in the US, [considering] what I have seen in the intellectual world and compared to what our Rishi’s have contributed to the understanding of human consciousness, it’s amazing we have never used this incredible wealth.

– Dr. Pillai

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