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“If you don’t have miracles in your life, it is because you have failed to recognize the Goddess. She’s here already as an archetypal presence in your unconscious. Timing is important, and the upcoming 9 Nights of the Goddess is when she begins to descend into the Earth plane. Is she alive? Is she a presence? Yes. She is a presence. She has a form, and she is descending.” – Dr. Pillai

According to tradition, the Goddess descends to the Earth plane in nine forms to vanquish negative energy and help you manifest wealth, health, love, and other desires. She does this in the autumn and spring for nine nights each. In India, this period is known as Navaratri.

This year, Navaratri spans from September 29 through October 7.

The powertime begins after the Mahalaya powertime for removing ancestral karma. After you have cleaned your Soul Genetics, it is time to invite the Supreme Goddess  – in nine forms – to help remove dark forces, cleanse your seven major energy centers, and empower you to achieve your goals.


NEW: Fire Labs for the 7 Supreme Chakra Goddesses & 2 Protectresses

For the first time, we will host nine Fire Labs for the seven Supreme Chakra Goddesses and two powerful Goddesses of protection.

The first seven Goddesses govern the seven Chakras (power centers) in the human body.

According to scriptures, seven Supreme Goddesses govern the seven important Chakras, thus activating the vital energy and consciousness for self-evolution. Connecting with these Goddesses through mantras, at-home prayers, or by sponsoring Pillai Center Fire Labs are believed to invoke their 20 unique and secretive blessings for enlightenment. Together, they provide a well-rounded demolition of dark forces and help free you for fulfillment of your dreams and desires.

Following the Fire Labs for these seven Goddesses, we will also invoke the two Supreme Protectresses: Vibareetha and Chandi.


Meet the 9 Goddesses

Night 1: Brahmi– Goddess of Muladhara (Root) Chakra

Brahmi can remove negativity from your Root Chakra, which is at the base of your spine and felt in the perineum. She removes fears related to physical and material safety and insecurities that affect your basic needs.

Night 2: Vaishnavi- Goddess of Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra

Vaishnavi rules the Chakra in your lower abdomen. She can help overcome negative moods and creative blocks and promote creativity, pleasure, and cheerfulness.

Night 3: Maheshwari- Goddess of Manipura (Navel) Chakra

Maheshwari governs the Chakra of ambition, willpower, confidence, self-esteem, and oomph of all kinds. The Chakra is located near your belly button and solar plexus.

Night 4: Varahi– Goddess of Anahata (Heart) Chakra

Varahi is a fierce boar-headed Goddess who can help you give and receive love, let go of emotional attachment and distrust, and help you develop compassion.

Night 5: Kaumari– Goddess of Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra

Kaumari works with the Throat Chakra to help untangle communication issues, fear of public speaking, and shyness. She promotes courage, conviction, free expression, public speaking, and the ability to resolve conflict peacefully.

Night 6: Indrani- Goddess of Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra

Indrani works with the Chakra between your eyebrows to promote creativity, psychic intuition, imagination, visualization, and clarity of thought.

Night 7: Chamunda – Goddess of Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

Chamunda helps you with enlightenment, God-perception, comprehension, knowledge, and claircognizance (direct knowing).

Night 8: Vibareetha Pratyangira Devi

This Protectress destroys dark forces and suffering.

Night 9: Saraswati Stotra Parayanam with Vidya Saraswati Fire Lab

As the Goddess of intelligence and wisdom, she fulfills wishes, improves memory power, grants knowledge, and bestows divine intelligence.


Powertime Enhancers

Join our Vedic priests for nine nights of Fire Labs to purify your chakras, destroy dark forces, and free your karma so you can achieve your dreams.



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