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Powertime: Diwali – The End of Greed & Poverty

Friday, November 2 PDT to Tuesday, November 6 PST

“Diwali is the biggest Hindu holiday, equivalent to Christmas. It is the day that Krishna, the high God of the Hindus, killed a demon called Narakasura. The demon was greedy; he wanted the whole world to come under his control. Diwali is the day when we remember the death of Narakasura. What it means is his greed has come to an end.” – Dr. Pillai


Not only is the Diwali powertime believed to help destroy greed, but it’s also said to take poverty and despair along with it.

Vishnu, Archetype of Wealth, incarnated as Krishna to kill the demon, Narakasura. Like Vishnu, Krishna destroys poverty consciousness and elevates material comforts and the joys of living life to the fullest.

According to scripture, the demon was actually the son of Vishnu and his wife, Lakshmi the Wealth Goddess.



Use Vishnu’s Maha Mantra: Om Namo Narayanaya. It’s pronounced ohm nah-MOH nah-rah-YAH-nah-yah. This mantra invokes Vishnu as Narayana. One translation of the name is “The resting place of all living beings.” Another is “The Supreme Cosmic Being.” It’s said to attract wealth and good health.

Chant the Ultimate Wealth Mantra: Shreem Brzee. It’s pronounced shreem br-ZEE. It invokes Goddess Lakshmi to help attract wealth and destroy poverty consciousness.

Invoke Radha and Krishna with a mantra: Radhe Bol Hari Bol, Radhe Bol Hari Bol. It’s pronounced RAHD-hay bowl HAH-ree bowl. “Hari” has the same meaning as “Narayana” (see Vishnu’s mantra above).

Dr. Pillai explains the mantra’s benefits: “Within a few months, you will see – through the magic of Krishna and Radha – things will change dramatically in your life. This energy is so compassionate, and it has complete control over the material world. Whatever material things that you need, the moment you say the mantra and be in ecstasy, then you will reincarnate their energy within your own soul.”



Join the Fire Prayers and Chanting for Ultimate Wealth Blessings.

According to the sacred hymn, Mahalakshmi Stuti (Hymn of Praise on Goddess Mahalakshmi), invoking the Goddess of Wealth in her 16 special forms can bring wealth, auspiciousness, and 16 types of wealth blessings.

The 16 Wealth Blessings Are:

  1. Power, authority, and vehicles
  2. Victory and goal achievement
  3. Money and riches
  4. Intellect
  5. Wisdom
  6. Psychic powers and manifestation
  7. All-around prosperity
  8. Enchanting beauty
  9. Fame and good reputation
  10. Enlightenment and liberation from karma
  11. Education and talent
  12. Food security
  13. Good health
  14. Auspiciousness
  15. Progeny
  16. Valor, patience, and objectivity

When you sponsor Diwali Fire Prayers, our Vedic priests will invoke all 16 forms of Lakshmi on your behalf. They will also lead participants in “Ultimate Sounds” chanting of the wealth mantra, Shreem Brzee.

Enjoy the benefits from home via Vedic proxy (distance) prayer technology and modern webcast technology.





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