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Powertime: Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Brings Transformation & Serendipity

Thursday, October 11 PDT

Jupiter is the fortune planet that brings profound happiness, wealth, and auspiciousness in our lives, even during retrograde periods. In Vedic Astrology, it’s also known as the Guru planet.

Jupiter will change signs from Libra to Scorpio between October 11, 2018 and November 5, 2019 IST.

Jupiter in Scorpio is the perfect time for self-growth and increasing and enhancing your progress, happiness, and spirituality.

According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter will move into the 8th house of change and unexpected gains during this period. This could bring opportunities to gain through transactions and negotiations. There is a saying in Tamil: “Guru Paarka Koodi Nanmai.” It means Jupiter’s aspect can ward off negativities and bring many benefits.



Use Jupiter’s mantra: Om Gurave Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm goo-roo-VAY NAH-mah-hah. It is said to bring spiritual evolution, happiness, and good fortune. While people recommend to chant any mantra a multiple of 108 times, the number is especially emphasized for this mantra.



Join the Transformation and Sudden Luck Fire Prayers to Jupiter on October 11 PDT. The Vedic priests will work on your behalf and connect with Jupiter for enlightenment and good fortune. There are multiple packages to choose from to suit your budget.


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