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Recover Lost Wealth, Friendships, or Love

Thursday, March 21 PDT


According to numerous scriptures, Kartavirya Arjuna was the king of Haihayas, which stood in the region now known as the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. He ruled for almost 90,000 years.

Lord Dattatreya granted him enough power to conquer the entire Earth. He was considered an incarnation of the discus weapon used by Vishnu and his incarnations, which is known as the Sudharshana Chakra.

karthaveeryarjuna is depicted with 1,000 hands that hold bows and arrows. According to legend, he was able to shoot 500 arrows at a time.


Fire Prayers to Recover Lost Wealth

Sincere prayers to Kartavirya Arjuna mantra are believed to bring the following blessings:

  • Recovery of losses, including lost wealth
  • Happiness in relationships
  • Regaining of lost friendships and relationships
  • Protection from physical and emotional dangers and loss


Join the Fire Lab to Recover Lost Wealth & Control Expenses

Sign Up by March 21 at 3:30 pm PDT

Fire Lab Begins at 5:30 pm

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