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white background with Lord Shiva in grey and DR.Pillai in OramgeOn January 30, 1874, at 1:30 AM India time, the Great Saint Swami Ramalingam ascended with his Light Body into Lord Shiva. He said that Lord Shiva will return to Earth at a future date. Join Dr. Pillai for a live hydration ceremony of a Shiva Lingam to welcome the Dawn of Divine Consciousness in ourselves and the World. This is the start of a mass awakening for humanity.

Dr. Pillai: “A very small number of people out of millions who follow Swami Ramalingam are excited about this moment. And it’s a very, very small group of people. I came to know them from YouTube. A year ago, they predicted that at this time Swami Ramalingam or Vallalar, as he’s called, he is, really, really going to come into the world with his light body. Alternatively, he has been told, Ramalingam has been told that the God of light will descend this time to give the light body to every human being, every human being, and then there will be an opportunity for people who died believing in Ramalingam to come back to life. All these miracles will happen, and this is the context. We are all doing it, expecting it, chanting, etc.

I Was Going through an Altered State of Consciousness

Now I want to reflect on my response to that. I’m more sceptical of many miracles unless they have a strong component of science or quantum physics behind them. So that’s the second context. The second context is my response to it and what happened to me. Seldom, I like to share with people about my own spiritual experiences, but this time I’m going to do it because they were very significant and helped me and would help you and help the world.

On the day of the Pushya star, beginning from that day, for three days, I was going through an altered state of consciousness, did not eat, drinking only water for three days, and lots of things happened. And these three days experiences that I had never before experienced in this lifetime. And since that time onwards, I’m not the same person, and I am confident that the world is changing, and human evolution is not simply possible but can happen realistically. I do not doubt it.

I’m Very Grateful to the Divine

So, what happened during that time? I was visiting various dimensions of the existence of gods, angels, and demons, and I could see them with my naked eyes, and they were floating and they would come around. As I’m talking to you about my experience, I remember two of Jesus’s instances of being tempted by the devil that “I will give you Siddhi powers,” and I don’t want to waste time talking about all the elaborate temptations that Jesus went through. And he said, “Go to hell.” And he’s survived all that.

Ramalingam also talks about how he’s visiting many planes. And some of the beings are so in chanting. I looked into their eyes. They looked into my eyes. So lots and lots of initiations were taking place for which I’m very grateful to the divine and the divine timing that I could use not only to benefit personally, but also pass it on to you. 

The Only Life Purpose Is to Realize God

Okay, so what after all is important to know? Number one. Finally, the time has come for human beings to wake up and know that there is only one purpose in life, one purpose for why we have this body on the earth plane. That is to realize God, to liberate from the body, and turn it into light. And if you don’t turn it into light for some reason, at least discard the body consciously as some Siddhas do; just open the mouth and say, huff, the soul is out, and from then on, there is no life, no unclean condition.

So, this will resonate with some people who are evolved souls; will not resonate with people who are not ready for this purpose of liberation, or mukti. Liberation. So, for those of you who have been following me, there is only one purpose worthy of living and carrying on to live day by day two same reality is to merge with the Divine, to realize the divinity within us. And that’s the most important worthwhile experience. Every minute, you should experience that you are not the body. You are not your thoughts, you are not your attachments, you are not your diseases, you are not the pleasures, these are all distractions. What you are is God or God’s Spirit living. And if you develop this attitude and experience it momentarily here and there, then there will be a time. Then for three days, you will also be out of your body, out of your mind, out of your consciousness, and visit these planes. And that is the most important experience that I went through. 

We Are the Light

I don’t want to go into this for a long time because I want to be very brief. I’m going to be seventy-five. And looking back, I regret that I have not usefully spent my life. So at least I want to spend every minute I have in a very useful way, to be useful for myself and for you. Meaning that we together can experience that we are not the ego, we are not our achievements, we are not failures. We are not our diseases or health. We are the light. We are Gods. And that is not a once-a-while experience, but minute by minute experience. That’s as simple as that but very hard we say no. 

I want today’s time because we have quite some time, this sacred time of the divine when I will do this ritual. Let me finish this and then I will talk, or maybe we’ll do both together. We’ll see.

Crystal Skull Means Crystal Brain

I have this small statue of Ganesha in crystal; it’s made out of crystal. This is the Ganesha statue. I can maybe I’ll pick it up and show it to you closer. ….The elephant-headed. As I want to think, this is very crucial, and if you understand this, you will succeed. I will have to have only one word or one syllable, that’s the highest level. I’ll tell you. Crystal. The moment you say crystal, the souls recollect at least one thing, the ultimate, Crystal Skull. What is a Crystal Skull? You can go and research in Google. Crystal Skull means crystal brain; I will come to that. Eskimos, second, lightning; third, Nicolas Tesla, all-knowingness.

I do not want to think only in words. Crystal, lightning, Eskimos, Tesla, what the hell are these things? Okay if you exposed yourself, the lightning, the Vedas also speak about it. The highest light comes and changes the brain, it becomes crystals. Crystal Skull, that’s how you acquire that. Research that. Tesla has the experience. Elon Musk is a reincarnation of Tesla. Nikola Tesla. 

Hydrating Is Making the Archetype Alive

Omniscience. Ganesha told me, “Can you talk about me?” Yes. All right. So what do you want to say? “How to know everything just by holding me or just by hydrating me. Hydrating me means making me alive.” This is just water, just pour water, life.

Even if you don’t understand all these lightning, crystal, Tesla, all-knowingness, just the act of looking at the image and hydrating it will give you immense knowledge, wisdom, and power. 

Shiva’s Energy Is Abundantly in the Middle of the Sun

In the middle is a Shiva Linga made out of pure gold. The nadi said that I should have it. It’s called the Atma Linga. It’s my soul. You can externalize your soul in the form of a small golden Linga and then hydrate it. Your soul will come alive. Then, believe it or not, trillions of waves will get into your body, mind, and soul. Just this information is enough to get that power, no chanting, maybe once small chant, Om Nama Shivaya, one time, that’s enough; or a bilva leaf, a special leaf, I don’t have it here, will give you that. So, by looking at this golden Linga, you will have… the sun always will respond to the Shiva Linga because Shiva’s energy is abundantly in the middle of the Sun is the Shiva Linga. And here is a bilva leaf that looks like this. I made it a golden leaf. This one golden leaf equals 1000 real leaves. Gold is very powerful. So you offer it to him. That’s it.

The Peacock Will Give You All Siddhi Powers

Now the sun, when I said the sun, the sun will come. You can see the sun moving. I don’t want, that will be a distraction, a different subject. Look at the other one, a peacock. What will it get you? Siddhi powers, supernormal powers. Krishna also has it. You don’t have to have a peacock. Just a peacock feather is fine.

So I’m going to do that. And then there is the Muruga statue. Muruga is the God of the Third Eye, Omniscience, Omnipotence, and omnipresent. Just pouring water over his statue. It will give you the blessings. Then you just have to hydrate it. And also you have to look at it. After doing that, don’t do it like a machine or a robot. Look what’s happening. In the eye, one of the eyes of Muruga, tears of joy. He’s accepting it. Then bathe them with milk which is going to fully energize the statues and give you immense blessings. So, I wanted to do this at this very auspicious time. That’s why I wanted the call, this meeting.

See, for instance, I want to put the Muruga statue, I want to make sure that you understand it. You look at it. The form will impress you.

Instead of learning Siddhi powers one by one, there are millions of Siddhi powers or billions, but one peacock will do. How is that possible? That is how Divine, the word divine, works.

When You Say Ah, the Whole Brain Will Light Up

How a small atom when it’s split open, gives a tremendous amount of energy. …then seeing the Divine. You have to talk to them. So, in this session, it is not possible it’s already half an hour.

As I said, I want to think of only one word, crystal. It will give the power of the crystal ball which can show the future, Crystal Skull, crystal brain, acquired by lightning. I want to even reduce that and just say one syllable, Ah. When you say Ah, the whole brain will light up. The neurons will go crazy or every part of the brain. Here is the AH meditation.

Ah, you’re done, you’re done. Whatever you’re going to do for the rest of the time, you are in bliss.

There Are Three Initiations I Want to Give You

One on the birthday, how to develop this Quantum Mind. You don’t have to work too hard. You want to lose your mind, lose your intellect, lose your intelligence, lose your senses, and there, we are still and know everything, be able to do everything. Then manifestation is not an issue. You can create a new destiny. I want you to practice this. This I will teach you on my birthday as in initiation. How your work very, very, very little time. I will teach you how to get into your thoughts, suppress it, and so that you can go into the quantum mind. This sound will bombard your thoughts. Then you can see the gods and goddesses all these things. They are all valid. You will see everything that you are not able to see. So for 30 days, you will practice that first initiation.

What Is Super Thinking?

Super thinking, let me give you an example of the crystal, just the crystal, just only one thought, and how to manipulate the thought to make the crystal reveal itself to you. Tesla was on a treetop with his father. He looked at the sky and saw lightning, and that had a tremendous impact. His brain is an omniscient brain. He would walk in a garden, another example. And while he’s walking in the garden, he will be reciting Goethe’s Faust. Faust is the magician who can do everything by Goethe. Goethe’s words taught him how to make a motor, generator, what is Faust of the recitation of this poem? Could you? It is because there are certain sounds.

AI Will Never Replace the Human Genius Mind

“If you abide in me, my words abide in you, ask what you want, it shall be given to you” Jesus. If my words will abide in you, Jesus’s words are very powerful. Read the Bible. Tesla read the Old Testament. He byhearted it. Why? Super thoughts. Super thoughts are not in GPT. People are completely misled. Don’t get misled don’t write your papers with the help of AI. AI will never replace the human genius mind. This is for one month you will do. What is the third one?

Manifesting with the Total Soul Power

The third one is on the Vedic New Year and that is the power of the sun in full power.

The sun is not only what you see with your naked eyes. There are different dimensions of this solar energy. But I will talk about that and how you can access it daily. Because even, even now, when we are talking to each other, trillions of neutrinos are getting into our bodies and getting out. We don’t know how to process it. Why? The body is stupid.

Bhur Bhuva Swaha. Everybody is reciting, nothing is happening. Why? You have to know how to receive it, where to receive it, what to do, and check if have you gotten anything out of it. So, in 90 days it came to me that I should teach you so that you can recreate life and create whatever you want, working a few hours, and then go into the Quantum Mind, to the Boson, fix the Boson mind.

Okay, that is all the program. I’m very thankful to the Divine for using me to teach this. I want you to experience the divinity within you. It’s not acquired knowledge. It is about activating it from the inside. God bless.

I want you to check in on how to register and everything for these programs.”

Dr. Pillai’s 2024 Birthday Program Initiations

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