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Full Moon of the Guru

Dr. Pillai: “Starting from this Guru Purnima or even before that, I am going to do my Dharma, which is to teach the highest science. The prime time in Guru Purnima, the one-hour time frame, is the most powerful time.

My Dharma or my God-given duty is to bring people to God, to Self-Realization, to raise the level of highest intelligence beyond mind intelligence.

Not only that, I am also going to prepare you to understand the phenomenon of the Guru. 

The moment you say the word Guru mentally, or even vocally, your Third Eye will get activated. There will be an energy that starts from the throat and then it will go to your Third Eye.

What is Consciousness? 

Guru is consciousness. My Darshan is not simply going to be looking at my form, which by classical standard is the theory behind the Guru’s presence. The Guru’s presence is important. If he comes in front of you, there is nothing equivalent to that provident energy that you will be receiving. Even if you look at the body of the Guru, the physical frame, you will be confronted by the Divine energy, and you will come face-to-face with the Divine energy.

“There is nothing written on the stone” is an expression which tells us a lot about reality. All kinds of human problems that we have can be resolved if we understand this little saying. What it means is that there is infinite flexibility to change your reality. 

There Is Infinite Flexibility to Change Your Reality

How long does it take to change your money situation or relationship, or health? It can be done in the moment. 

“The Now” is the most important thing. It is very easy to live “The Now,” but unfortunately, we are not committed to “The Now.” We are committed to the reality that is a dead reality. Nothing of the world continues in the present; the present moment is completely different. 

What if I do not make money, if I do not live the moment, people ask. Live it – then you will not ask this question. Because that moment will give you Infinite Intelligence. 

This philosophy of mind, its non-mind, has always been there. That “every moment is new” concept will help you.

It will give you infinite wisdom. Nothing is needed. Accept the power that God has given you. God said, “I made human beings in my form.” If God looks like someone, he looks like a human being. God is a name which we have given to understand  Infinite Intelligence, the organizing principle of bliss, of no sorrow. 

You have to tap into that wisdom [Infinite Intelligence], which is innate within you. Once it is awakened, then you are omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. 

We are so entrenched in our own scientists and technologies, that it is even impossible to conceive of the idea of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. At least we should have omniscience momentarily. Your omniscience and omnipotence is dependent on your ability to live in “The Now” for extended seconds. That second will change your diseases, finances, and relationships. 

The Buddha said, “emptiness is everything. The final goal of life is to empty your mind and consciousness. When you become empty, then you become full.”

Fullness and emptiness are one of the same because they do not have any limitations. 

The Meaning of Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima which means the Night of the Gurus  is a time when the gurus, who are eternally living, come down from the galaxies to the Earth plane to help human beings who are lost in their own mindset, educational system, and understanding. The word “guru” means the remover of ignorance. I felt called upon to fulfill my own destiny as the Guru. 

The important message is, you have everything. You pretend not to have things. It is all about changing your mindset. 

It is all about understanding the 30 or 40 thoughts coming and crowding your consciousness, and stopping that unconscious process.. If we analyze them, they are all about your anxiety and future. Even rich people who have several hundreds of millions of dollars are completely lost in their own understanding of what life is. 

One day they die, passing on the wealth to their children. It is somewhat important to only give money to the children. What is important is to give them consciousness. The super consciousness that you cannot learn from schools and colleges, but can learn from only the wisdom teachers who have lived that and who are living that and who are presenting it to you. 

The most uplifting message is that, although you may not have succeeded up until now, that does not mean that you are not going to succeed. However you interpret the word “succeed,” how I interpret it simply means that you are able to fulfill your financial needs, physical, relationship, etc. All that can be done within seconds. 

There is one thing I want to tell you: do not read books; you have read so many books. The mind needs it. The mind needs to reduce everything to logical categories. And the mind needs knowledge. Knowledge is the beginning of your ignorance. Knowledge is a prejudice. You have to get beyond knowledge. 

All That Is Important Is You Have To Stop Your Mind

When you stop your mind, which is anxiety, then there is wisdom behind it. Be still and know that you are God. Be still. When you are still, then you can know God. This is the teaching of the Buddha too, which is called emptiness. All that is needed is just to feel that emptiness which is wisdom. 

Thoughts come and crowd, and the diseases take your attention from the wisdom because the disease is an identity with the body. And iIf diseases come, then you can deal with them. How do you deal with them? Just by being identified with your true identity, which is God, superconsciousness. Then you send your superconsciousness to the regions where you need healing. 

“The Now” is the most important thing. “The Now” is the non-mind, which is everything. It is wisdom, it will solve your problems. God bless.” 

– Dr. Pillai 

5 Ways to Connect with Dr. Pillai during the Full Moon of the Guru

1. Join Dr. Pillai live via Mystery School with NEW Month 1 Membership Option 

To make Mystery School possible for those who wish to join Dr. Pillai’s Full Moon of the Guru initiation and Darshan, but may not be able to join the yearlong program, there are 2 new options to join just Month 1.

All levels of membership will be included in the Full Moon Interactive Fire Lab with Priest Premaraja as a complimentary gift.

Enroll by July 3 to receive 30 Days of Guru’s Blessings Remedies


 2. Join Interactive Full Moon Fire Lab Hosted by Priest Premaraja

Fire technology has long been considered the most powerful way to connect with Divine archetypes, including the Guru. Your name will be put into the fire to invoke your energetic presence so the benefits can reach you, even if you do not attend live. After the fire lab, chant together with the Pillai Center community.


3. Join Powerful Remedy Ceremonies Performed at Powerspots in India

Powerful remedies can help you receive ultimate blessings of the eminent Siddhas, Sages, and Gurus for all-around success and well-being. In keeping with longstanding Siddha tradition, our expert Vedic priests will perform Powerspot Poojas, Grand Fire Labs, Chanting Sessions, and Feedings on participants behalf.


4. Join Community Events Hosted by Pillai Center Teachers

Led by Pillai Center Teachers, join as a community to help tune your consciousness to the Guru in preparation for Guru Purnima. 

Join us on Pillai Center Practice YouTube for Chanting and Aarthi

June 29 – July 12, 2022, 6:30 pm PDT | 9:30 pm EDT

June 30 – July 13, 2022, 1:30 am UTC | 7:00 am IST


Join us on Religion of Religions YouTube for Divine Light of the Guru Prayer and Meditation

July 5 – July 12, 2022, 9 am PDT | 12 pm EDT | 4 pm UTC | 9:30 pm IST


5. Use Sacred Mantras at Home To Connect With Dr. Pillai via sound

You are warmly invited to use the audios below to connect with Dr. Pillai’s energy in preparation for Guru Purnima, as well as on Guru Purnima day, to invoke his blessings. We suggest creating a daily practice by listening to at least one of the following audios in the morning, and again in the evening, or whenever best suits your schedule. 

Guru Mantra: Use the sounds that invoke the power of the Guru archetype as the holy trinity and supreme Divine intelligence.

Dr. Pillai’s Moola Mantra: Use the fundamental sounds behind Dr. Pillai’s Divine intelligence, wisdom, and power to bring you miracles.

Dr. Pillai’s Miracle Mantra: Use the sounds that invoke several of Dr. Pillai’s past lives as miracle-makers, as revealed by Dr. Pillai himself.


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