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Dr. Pillai: “The Communion Ritual is a great technology to participate in. Any sacrament that was established by a Divine Being, is a great technology that will do immense good for humanity.

It is not only that it takes place once a year, or when you go to the church – it is a way to remember that the body has to be discarded. This meat body has to be discarded. 

That is why Jesus established this “Communion Ritual,” a sacrament, before he was actually crucified on the cross. Both of them are meaningful. Both of them not only did the job when he did this ritual, and the sacrifice on the cross, but they are also eternally relevant.

You can do Communion on a daily basis, and you will see that you are immediately transformed, the body is the bread, and the blood is the wine

I have read the communion ceremony where Benny Hinn, one of the Evangelists who is very popular all over the world and very particular in holding this “Communion Ritual.”  He says that during that ritual that he conducts, that there is the presence of Jesus. And that is the single most important event that he holds. Why? He has not gone anywhere, Jesus is still here, he  not only is in Heaven, he is here. It is a reminder of it, and this ritual becomes alive. This communion really takes place when you do this ritual. And you can do it on a daily basis, and you will see that you are immediately transformed, and the body is the bread, the blood is the wine.

In the Phenomenology of Religion, it is called a “Substitution Technology.” A “Substitution Technology” means you do not really have to die on the cross, and mortify the body, but you can do this simple ritual and have the same effect. 

You have this similar “Substitution Technology” everywhere in different religions. So that is a very powerful one. That is why Jesus established this. “Do this ritual. Through this ritual, you will communicate with me, you will be in communion with me.” That is the most important thing. 

It is not a meaningless ritual.“Eat this bread, and drink this wine.” It has a tremendous amount of significance. It is as if you are going through the crucifixion yourself because you have to crucify your body. 

The Difference Between Communion, Baptism, Initiation, & Anointing 

People have been asking me what the difference is between communion, baptism, initiation, and anointing. 

Largely speaking, they are synonyms of transcendence. Transcendence is transcending the body, the mind, and emotions to feel bliss. Your body will be electrified, the mind will be quiet and in a different realm. That is real baptism, real anointing, real initiation, real communion – whatever name you want to call. If you do not have that experience, then the communion, or anointing, or initiation has failed. 

Dr. Pillai’s Second Anointing in the Pentecostal Program

I will be happy if you can attend this second session where I am going to give you a real experience of this communion, anointing, initiation of the various forms of the Holy Spirit, or of Jesus, or of God. I invite you to attend this session.”

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