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Why Goddess Lakshmi Has Four Arms

four arms



“Lakshmi is a Goddess who gives you direction. If you don’t have a goal in life, then you can go nowhere.” — Dr. Pillai


Who Is Goddess Lakshmi?

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. Wealth is important in the preservation of life on Earth, and Lakshmi provides all beings with both material and spiritual abundance.

Lakshmi is one of the most frequently appearing goddesses in Hindu texts. She is first referenced in Rig Veda, and is also mentioned in Atharvaveda. She is explored more in-depth in the Puranas, especially in Vishnu Purana, and she is also regularly named in Upanishads, which talk about her powers, characteristics, and other aspects of this goddess of wealth and prosperity.

The word Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksya, meaning “aim” or “goal”. Her name represents the goals of life, which include both worldly and spiritual wealth, something Dr. Pillai calls a “200% life”.


Why Is Goddess Lakshmi Depicted With Four Arms? 

In most representations, Lakshmi appears as a beautiful woman with four arms, sitting or standing on a lotus flower and flanked by white elephants. She is most often shown wearing a red dress and gold ornaments, which symbolize wealth.

Her four arms are symbolic of the four goals of humanity: 

  • dharma (duty and righteousness) 
  • artha (wealth and material enjoyment)
  • kama (pursuit of love and desires)
  • moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death)

In this way, Lakshmi reminds us to be clear and focused on our goals and ambitions in order to be in the best position to receive her spiritual and material blessings.


How to Connect with Goddess Lakshmi? 

Shreem Brzee is a powerful mantra to connect with Goddess Lakshmi. Her regular Powertimes (times when her energy and blessings are most easily and abundantly available) are Fridays and Full Moon days. 

To accelerate the manifestation of your goals and transform your wealth-destiny, you are invited to benefit from the combined power of group synergy plus targeted interactive events every Friday and Full Moon day.

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