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Descent of Holy Spirit

Pillai Center is hosting an immersive 6-week program to prepare you for Pentecost Day 2022. This will give you access to the Holy Spirit which is present in all traditions. The Pentecost program will guide you to activate the Holy Spirit within you, which can give you the ability to create miracles.

“I am going to put everything into proper perspective for everyone. Whether you are Christian or following Buddhism or any other religion, it does not matter. The Holy Spirit is important for everyone.

It is a Global Phenomenon that is occurring as we celebrate the Pentecostal Day. This is the day it was prophesied that the Holy Spirit will descend onto the Earth plane.

What we need in the contemporary world is Miracle. Miracle is not just something that is a remote possibility, but an everyday happening.”

— Dr. Pillai

Receive an Anointing into the Holy Spirit in multiple traditions on Pentecost Day 2022

Dr. Pillai has said is the beginning of the Golden Age—Pentecost Day 2022 on June 5.

This is an important time to prepare your body, mind, and soul to receive the Holy Spirit, and the last few days to enroll in Dr. Pillai’s Pentecostal Program.

Program members will receive an anointing into the Holy Spirit in multiple traditions on June 5. You can join for just the anointing, enroll in the 6-week program, or receive free enrollment into the Pentecostal Program when you join Dr. Pillai’s 2022 Mystery School program.

Below, we have outlined several ways you can immerse yourself in the light of the Holy Spirit in preparation for Pentecost Day 2022.


Perform Communion Daily or Even Hourly

“Every time you drink the wine and take the bread, you are getting Jesus into your body. What does that mean? You are getting the Holy Spirit also into your body, then the wisdom of Jesus, the wisdom of the Holy Ghost, everything is within you. And that is the real meaning of the communion.”

— Dr. Pillai

You are warmly invited to join the live Communion sessions on the Religion of Religions YouTube channel, daily at 6:00 pm PDT.

Guided Communion with Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai’s Holy Spirit Song and Communion Ritual

Communion with Jesus’ 15 Million Angels, Blood of Jesus Protection Music Meditation

Dr. Pillai

Watch Dr. Pillai’s Recent Teachings 

“Breath is the Holy Spirit, but not the oxygen that you are breathing. It is the Life Energy. Without the Holy Breath, nothing exists, and this is to understand the nature of the Holy Spirit.”

— Dr. Pillai

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Holy Spirit Miracle

 Holy Spirit Miracle Testimonial

“On a Pentecostal day, Jesus said, ‘The Holy Spirit will descend into the earth plane, into your body–mind’. As a result what is going to happen? You will have the ability to do miracles.”

— Dr. Pillai

Experiencing Dr. Pillai’s Light Body – Gita’s Testimonial

For Mystery School 2022 members, the Pentecostal Initiation program is Dr. Pillai’s free gift as a prelude to the start of Mystery School on July 12.

Click below to explore Dr. Pillai’s Pentecostal Program, or click here for Mystery School 2022.

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