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I’m a firm believer that even difficult circumstances can reveal a silver lining.

Have you ever had this experience? So many obstacles kept coming up that you finally gave up on a cherished goal and nothing seemed to work.

Painful, I know.

But then, you suddenly received help from an unexpected source and you got an even better opportunity—a job with a bigger paycheck, a more suitable relationship or a breakthrough in your health.

Rahu and Ketu become a hindrance to your plans when they trigger difficult karmic events.

Or they can become a surprising resource. Your choice.

Because  you’re certainly hoping for help, here for you is a two-step plan to get on these planets’ good side.

Help from Rahu

Rahu moves anticlockwise and remains in a sign for one and half years. He is the head of an asura (or demon) who drank the nectar of immortality.

So where’s the body? Surprisingly—for those who haven’t studied Vedic astrology—the demon’s body became a whole new being, Ketu, whose characteristics make him the opposite of Rahu.

Rahu is the north lunar node and along with Ketu he causes the eclipses.

By resembling Saturn, Rahu may cause you anxiety. While Rahu will travel through Leo, you may experience excessive desires for power and success.

Rahu’s drive doesn’t take no for an answer.

Rahu is now in Leo impersonating the Sun—and taking on ambitious projects. Rahu will crave power in politics, artistic endeavors, drama, cinema and theater.

You win the battle with Rahu when you pay attention to Saturn and abide by saturnine rules: don’t mess with the law because there would be dire consequences.

By working and operating at your utmost ethical self, you will avoid Rahu’s scare tactics.

Fortunately, Jupiter is keeping an eye on Rahu and making sure he does not take over the stage.

During this transit you’ll need remedies and at least one fire ritual to Rahu. You’ll be happy you did when you get ahead without breaking the ‘rules of the kingdom’.

Help from Ketu1

Can you become a social reformer? No? Then you’ll have to devise a better plan to take care of Ketu’s difficult influence from Aquarius rahu, the 11th natural house of gains, friends and highest ambitions.

Ketu is not too fond of the world—to be more specific, he wants to leave the world and minces no words in expressing his disgust and lack of interest in worldly matters. He acts like Mars and causes irritability.

In Aquarius, he appears as the masculine aspect of Saturn—completely concerned with future generations and not caring for the self at all.

Take up a meditation practice and give something back to society by contributing donations to a dog shelter or by rescuing one. Keeping this dog with you as a pet will further appease Ketu.

A fire ritual to Ketu will help you get along with your friends, receive an inheritance and profit from your projects.


Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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