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Dr. Pillai: “Karuppaswamy will plead on your behalf to Saturn and have Saturn to be compassionate to you and give you blessings instead of giving you troubles.

He knows how to get the grace of Saturn 

Because Karuppasamy is a very compassionate being, and he is like a Bodhisattva in Buddhism or the Holy Spirit in Christianity; he pleads to God and gets his grace.

Dharma means Righteousness coming to the world. This Righteousness is dwindling everywhere all over the world. 

There is no Justice. Justice is really missing everywhere. Karuppasamy is a ‘God of Justice,’ and he is worshiped unfortunately only by the poor people in India, and misunderstood as someone who is not good for sophisticated people, but that is the wrong understanding because popular understanding is always misleading. But he is the ‘God of Justice,’ and also the one who is going to establish Justice on the Earth plane.

How To Engage with Karuppaswamy 

Every day you just make this prayer one time. If you do it, I want you to test this for 45 consecutive days, at 8:20 pm, just keep praying to him, bringing him into your consciousness. Then what you can do is use this mantra, a very brief mantra, “Om Kum Kalki Karuppasamy Namaha.” 

(Dr. Pillai chants): 

“Om Kum Kalki Karuppasamy Namaha.”

“Om Kum Kalki Karuppasamy Namaha.”

“Om Kum Kalki Karuppasamy Namaha.”

Do it for at least 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or whatever your time permits. Then keep continuing that for 45 days and let me know what results you get out of the prayer.

This is a very secretive understanding of Karuppaswamy 

People go and pray to him without knowing his power. He will plead on your behalf and get it done. Do Karuppasamy prayer with the understanding that you are going to hold onto Karuppusamy’s feet and his heart will melt and he will do the things for you. Praise Karuppasamy.”

Open Up to the Miraculous Grace of Karuppaswamy

Connect with Karuppaswamy, a compassionate divine being who pleads to Saturn and God on your behalf to help you receive blessings and grace, and avoid troubles.


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