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Quantum Thinking Visualization

“Seeing is a Quantum reality, but you have to see. That is why the word “seer” is very important, too. The seer is one who does not see or think very deeply. He is a prophet, he is called a seer. It is more than observation through the eyes. Eyes are involved, the eyes can get you to deeper levels. 

Without the eyes, you cannot understand the subtleties of thinking 

When you go and see those realities first, then they will become belief, and the belief becomes the reality. Then you can create whatever you want to create. I want God to help you. Go before God, Jesus, or Yahweh, or Buddha, or Shiva, or Krishna. Can you ever try to do it at the quantum level? 

If you can do your prayer within 10 – 15 seconds, then that prayer is a Quantum prayer 

That prayer is truly a prayer that connects you with God, which is the Quantum reality. How do you do it? The mind, body, soul, the breath, all of them should be together.

What do we do in our prayer? You do not know how to go deep into the quantum level, that is what I am going to be teaching. Creating from Inside Out is the first module. The second module in the one-year program is Cleansing Negativity. Then the third one is Embodying Your God Self, where you become God or the Quantum-self, and an outrageous thinker. 

The one meditation that I taught you “ah” will do everything too because “ah” is God.

I have done a lot of research on the ‘Ah’ meditation, where you find the expression or the impact of ‘Ah’ in the brain. The most powerful areas of the brain are activated by the sound ‘Ah,’ including neurotransmitters, like the one particular neuron Von Economo Neurons. 

We have to see in order to believe, and you will believe, and it will manifest 

Not only does your brain think, your genes think too, that is taking place at a molecular level, not at the quantum level. The gene is your DNA, and within the DNA, you have oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphate. Quantum is much smaller than that,, you have to go into the oxygen, nitrogen, carbon atoms, and go to their subatomic particles. 

But the important thing is, you can go to the elementary particle level, to electron level, to the subatomic level through quantum thinking, and that is India’s contribution to the entire world – how you can accomplish that. Nobody teaches the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra or Vasistha’s Ramayana in this perspective, but the time has come, and I myself will spearhead that project. 

You have to go beyond the genetic constraints you have inherited from your father or mother 

You are not only thinking your thoughts, but your mother’s thoughts, your father’s thoughts, and your grandparents’ thoughts, you have to change them all. They are all polluted by very bad belief systems. I have taught meditations for that. In order to change your belief, I will give you a technique so that you get it without any obligation. Close your eyes.

Go to the sky, imagine the blue sky. You keep going up. There is a light that is pulling you up. You are not in the brain, you are now in the sky. You are going up in a spaceship. 

Visualize yourself filled with light, you have a light body otherwise. You have a space body, and you are merged with the space that is filled with light. Your physical body that is sitting and meditating here connects with it through this meditation.

While you are in space, you visualize whatever you want. For instance, nowadays cars are very difficult to buy; visualize buying a car that you like, and see the car color and everything.

Come down with the body, with the car in your head in the light body, and then get into your physical body.

You have practiced quantum thinking and visualization 

Close your meditation and rise. Space, the brain, thinking, and matter, they are all interconnected. I will teach all these things, definitely at length, in this one-year program. But do not worry about time. Time does not exist. When you are in the sky and visualizing light like Einstein did, you practice many thought experiments, which he practiced, which is meditation. That led him to discover a lot. Believe it, and you have seen that car in that space. 

That means you have sowed the seeds for the belief by the physical body, which is polluted by a very bad belief system with very bad genetic makeup. All these have to be changed. The government will remain the same, the other people will remain the same, you have to take care of yourself. 

God has given everything to you. Whatever we are saying today is nothing when compared to scriptures. When the Scriptures say God created man in His own image, it is not a curse. He just wanted human beings as powerful as him, meaning that he would say Let there be light and light will be there. 

Quantum physics will fix people in the Golden Age which is coming 

That is all I wanted to say about this module. Because as I said, the prayer takes only 10 to 15 minutes, and you can do it multiple times a day. That is the way it is going to be.”

Create From The Inside Out Through Quantum Thinking

According to Quantum Thinking, you are the observer, and you create your reality based on your thinking process. Creation and clarity go together. Most people are unable to create because of a lack of clarity in thinking. In this module, you will have the chance to learn about the following topics to help you create from the inside out through Quantum Thinking

  •  Creative Visualization is the key to creating an outrageous life. Learn to use your pineal gland (third eye) to manifest without constraints.
  • Faith as Utter Positivity without any doubt will help you speed up your manifestations.
  • The “V-V” Principle (the viewed is the viewer) to understand the hidden mechanics of how your thoughts are creating your current reality and how to change it.
  • Quantumizing Shreem Brzee




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