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Dr. Pillai has described his Holy Spirit teachings(receiving the holy spirit) as the quintessence of all his teachings. He describes it as a universal force that transcends religions, the same universal force that gave Jesus His miraculous powers.

“The Holy Spirit is here to create miracles. Who should use it? Everybody should use it. And everybody will use it in accordance with the tradition of the Holy Spirit, within their own religious or cultural tradition. It is not a matter of converting somebody to Christianity. My understanding of the Holy Spirit is a Universal Force of God, whether it is a He or She or It. All of them are true, and none is true.” – Dr. Pillai

The Holy Spirit is the Breath of God & Human Beings

The ancient Hebrew word for the Holy Spirit is “ruach”. This is a word that is strongly associated with breath. It’s similar to the Greek word pneuma, which is the root of the word pneumonia, which stands for a respiratory infection. This is because the “Holy Spirit” can also be called “The Breath of God” or “The Holy Breath”.

Working with the Holy Spirit, according to Dr. Pillai, gives you the understanding that the “Holy Breath” is not different than your own breath. Working with it can also cause you to become “born again” into your Light Body. This is what makes the Holy Spirit so quintessential within his teachings.

The Holy Spirit will Transform Humanity

Dr. Pillai speaks of receive the holy spirit as our hope for transformation as a species: “It is going to do miracles for you. (In) the revival, in the 21st Century, we’re going to revive the Holy Spirit in all of our lives. And the revival is going to help you understand what a miracle is. Then you will understand a miracle.”



You Must Live the Holy Spirit to Be Transformed

“The Holy Breath is living the Holy Spirit. Living the Holy Spirit is living the Holy Breath, not the nostril breathing. And that is my message for the entire series that I will keep doing on the Holy Spirit forever.” – Dr Pillai

Dr. Pillai has mentioned that some people have abandoned Christianity because some teachings within the churches don’t reveal HOW TO LIVE the Holy Spirit and the Holy Breath. Some might find other religions that give a more experiential understanding that allows them to live it.

However, living the Holy Spirit provides an opportunity for people to go back to Christianity with a deeper understanding and new appreciation of its teachings.

He says, “It is an opportunity for those people who have left Christianity to come back to it, because the greatest teaching is here in the Holy Spirit. And maybe you are not reading the scriptures properly. Whether you read The Old Testament, whether you are listening to Isiah, or Eliyahu, or Samson, or the New Testament — all of The Gospel writers. They are not only talking about the Holy Spirit, but they lived it. They lived the Holy Spirit. So for the Christians, particularly, it is an opportunity to go and delve deep, and correspond, and respond to what has been said already about it, and then live it.”

Holy Spirit meditation: Learn How to Access the Holy Spirit’s Miracle Powers

Dr. Pillai has created a guided Holy Spirit Meditation and other teachings so that you can access the Holy Spirit – the Infinite Source of Jesus’ miracle powers – yourself.


You can click the link below to get the guided meditation and mantra audio loop.


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