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Imagine a benevolent energy that can bust the things that are blocking your success – lack of money, low self-confidence, painful relationships, lack of relationship, lack of energy. Ganesha is the archetype who erases obstacles. Connect to him, and he will clear your path to success.

Here is what we discussed during the Powertime Practice Video Call on June 2, 2018:

How to Remove Negative Thoughts

What is karma?  Karma is our thoughts, and the thoughts of our ancestors  Our DNA carry those thoughts down through generations.

Sucharita showed us the AstroVed Calendar that she is constantly checking for the Powertimes. There is a free system called Panchang on Astroved.com which will tell you what the moon phases and birth star phases are.

Every 4th moon (waxing and waning), is a time to connect to Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles. Waning moons are the best times to get rid of things.  To get rid of bad karma, we can do the lime or coconut ritual. The 6th moon is coming in a couple of days and that is a time to propitiate Lord Muruga.  He is the warrior brother of Ganesha and he will also help us to get rid of bad karma by using his weapon called a vel.  Then on Wednesday is the 8th waning moon.  This is the day of  Kala Bhairava, the god of time. He will help us to access divine beings and get us into the head space of Time Line Jumping.

How to Manifest and Manage Time Effectively

Every day is ruled by a planet.  Today is Saturday, ruled by Saturn.  Light a sesame seed oil with black sesame seeds in the oil.  Saturn is the god who deals out karma.  These are the lessons that you must learn in order to move forward on your spiritual path.  Again, you can roll limes, lemons and/or coconuts on our throats and shoulders.  We can pierce a lime with Muruga’s weapon, the vel.  The soul is made up of the psycho-spiritual energy centers or chakras, aligned along the spine in the subtle body.  The shaft of the vel represents your spine and the tip of the vel represents our brain.  Keep putting your negative thoughts into this pierced lime. You can also hydrate the vel with water.  This represents washing away the negative thoughts and karma.  This is called “Abhishekam”.

Vedic Astrology to Solve Problems

Hanuman can help keep your lip zipped and keeps you in your life force energy.  He helps with the ancestors. Karrupasami is the god of righteousness and the god of justice, he cuts to the chase.

Hreem is the mantra for Hanuman. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are days to propitiate Lord Hanuman. Who is Kalki Das?  He works with Karrupasami. Hanuman Das works with Lord Hanuman. These are Divine beings who are endorsed by Dr. Pillai to work with Hanuman and Karrupasami.  You must be screened to get into these programs.  Email Sucharita for more information at sucharita@pillaicenter.com.

To get a “road map” for your spiritual travels, consider getting an astrology reading.

Muruga, Pleiadian God of Wisdom

Muruga Pleiadian God of Wisdom Course is available on Pillai Center Academy. Muruga can lead you to open your 3rd eye.

Muruga pendants are available now at Pillai Center.

Contact/Personal Coaching

 If you are interested in scheduling one-to-one Personal Coaching with Sucharita, you are welcome to send a request to: sucharita@pillaicenter.com

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