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Can God realization give you money? Yes.

It not only can give you money, but it can give you everything. It can give you everything in the sense that you become an omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.

God realization is everything, but you have to understand God realization. It’s not that you are going to realize a particular God –  Shiva, Vishnu, or Yahweh – or any other God of a particular tradition.

To Attract Wealth, Realize that God is Your Identity

God realization simply means that you realize the fact that you are God. Unfortunately, we don’t realize that we realize that we are John or Matthew or Linda, and then that’s it. We also identify ourselves with the jobs that we do, and then the revenue that the job generates.



Our identity for a doctor is, “Well I should be making a least a quarter-million dollars.” If you’re a laborer, “I can make only $8 to $12 an hour.” We have to quit this identity and go to the God identity.

In fact, this is the only hope available for humanity to realize equality. How is the White House Janitor equal to the president? They’re both Gods. In an existential sense, they are the same sparks of God.

God Realization is the Answer to Money, Relationship & Health Problems

Once you have realized that, then you have addressed all the problems that humanity has. Money, Health, and relationship problems come from thinking that we are limited beings.

Even rich people, although they have all the money in the world, a disease can kill them anytime.

New Teachings for the Full Moon of the Guru Retreat in San Diego

I’m going to do a seven-day boot camp during Guru Purnima (Full Moon of the Guru). I have done this for 20 years, but now my knowledge base is a lot more profound than what I had at that time. I will focus on how God creates, and how we create as human beings.

God Can Attract Money Instantaneously

If God wants to create a house or a car, God has to only think. Then the manifestation occurs instantaneously. But for human beings, it doesn’t happen. If they think about a house manifestation, then they have to think about what their salaries are and other things.



The thought manifestation belongs to God. The action manifestation belongs to the humans. The human has to go get a job and prove to himself that he is worthy of borrowing money. All these steps are needed because people have a limited understanding.

We can jump from the human limitation to divine unlimited awareness through God realization. God thinks a thought, and that thought is, “I want to have a house.” He is only thinking with words.

It’s enough for him to use the words. The words create the three-dimensional reality, which is the house. That’s why in the Bible it is said that God created everything through his thinking and words.

The Bible itself is called the Word of God, so the words manifest. Oral Roberts had no money. When God said go create the University. He said “I will create a university just like God created the world,” and he did.

Why Your Thoughts Aren’t Attracting Wealth

God’s thoughts and words are creating. Our words are not creating. That’s the difference. In God’s mind, there is no distinction between idea, which is thought, and the object. The subject and the object are together. If we are God realized, then it is instantaneous.

God Realization: Bridging the Gap Between Word & Object

What does God realization mean? God realization means to bridge the gap between the idea and the object. The consciousness is everything. Object is just a derivative from consciousness. Even Max Planck said objects originate from consciousness. This is science. This is not philosophy.



In this course, I’m going to help you to manifest step-by-step, using the relationship between the material reality and the consciousness reality. They are one and the same.

How Long Will It Take You to Attract Money Spiritually?

How long will it take to manifest? It depends upon how much energy, effort, and understanding you bring through this concept. Once you bring it, then it’s all there. It may not manifest right away. The manifestation takes some time because of our own inability to produce powerful thoughts like God’s, but at least we can get closer.

If God manifests instantaneously, we’ll manifest maybe after a few months, or a year, depending upon the amount of energy that we get into and the understanding that we develop.

Karma Removal & Timing are Essential for Manifestation

The upcoming Guru Purnima event is going to be a bootcamp on the process. There are other things involved in the manifestation process, like karma. Karma is a part of our process.



We have to understand karma as a thought process that comes not only from your consciousness, but from your your ancestors’ consciousness. You have your parents’ consciousness, your grandfather’s consciousness, your grandmother’s thoughts, and you have to diffuse them. Your thoughts are not only your thoughts.

Astrology is also very important for knowing when to manifest what to manifest.

All these things will be included in this upcoming program. I’m going to get only a limited number of people who can commit to the realization that eventually leads to a fulfilled life.

God bless.


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