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Sun is currently in Scorpio and he will enter Sagittarius on Thursday, December 15th at 10:20 a.m. EST. He will transit through Sagittarius until January 13, 2016. A couple weeks after that, Saturn is also going to move out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius.

The Sun is going to give us a preview of Saturn’s big upcoming transit.

The Sun symbolizes your soul, father, activity and vitality. Sun always spends 1 month in each sign and never goes retrograde. On the other hand, Saturn moves through a zodiac very slowly, taking about 2 ½ years per sign.

If you look at the zodiac Saturn is transiting at any given time, it will be one of your 12 houses in your personal chart. It may be the 2nd house of finances and speech, the 10th house of profession, or etc. Whichever house it is for you, Saturn will bring up lessons and learning experiences in that area of life. This is why we pay a lot of attention to Saturn’s transits.

Saturn is a planet of limitations, tough karmas, discipline, and compassion. Sometimes he puts us through difficulties in order to make us more compassionate and humble. He is like a tough drill sergeant that you hate while you are in boot camp, but once you graduate you are immensely grateful for how he led you to grow and change.

From Scorpio…

For the past month Sun has been lighting up Scorpio. Scorpio is the most occult of the signs, representing the hidden side of life and occult powers. It is a house of transformation, change, obstacles, and mysteries. It can relate to growth through pain, unearned wealth (like gifts and legacies), disturbing events, and long term health or illness.

Scorpio’s energy represents the kundalini, which breaks down anything that is blocking its flow. This can result in upheavals. If you have been experiencing upheavals, you may have had to learn to go with the flow instead of struggling against them.

Saturn’s presence in Scorpio may have led you to confront and take action to change the parts of your life that are no longer serving the highest good. You may have experienced upheavals in life – transformation can be painful.

Into Sagittarius

As of this Thursday, Sun will be lighting up Sagittarius, which is the most idealistic of the signs. Here are some characteristics and areas of life indicated by Sagittarius: wisdom, fortune, philosophy, higher education, justice, fair play, ethics, and humanitarian actions. Sagittarius can give you optimism and help you to take leaps of faith and to be adventurous.

Sagittarius is called Dhanus in Sanskrit. It’s symbolized by a centaur. Centaurs are archers with the legs of a horse and the upper body of a man. The centaur has a bow and arrow and is pointing up toward the heavens. Here we can see the evolution from animal, to human, and to the divine. Sagittarius can help us focus on the transformation of matter into spiritual consciousness. On a practical level, aiming high leads you to have optimism.

Sagittarius is also the natural 9th house of the zodiac, which brings in the energies of grace, compassion & fortune. It also relates to your father, your guru, and other teachers. It is a house of prosperity owned by Jupiter. Jupiter is the 200% planet of spiritual blessings and material prosperity.

Dr Pillai says the easiest way to receive the grace of God is to feed someone who is starving for food. So if you want to receive grace & fortune, take an action for compassion. Do something to help people who are suffering.

Sun’s Travels through Birthstars (Nakshatras) within Sagittarius

Moola Star December 15 – December 27th

Moola is a star of deep foundational energies, the center, the root. Gives ability to go to the very core of things; to get to the root of the matter. Can give you a good spirit of inquiry and investigation as you focus deeply on one thing.

Purva Ashadha Star December 28th – January 9th

Purva Ashadha is a star of success and early victory. Venus energy including prosperity is very strong here. Optimism, exuberance, ambition & being adventurous are qualities of this star, just as they are for the sign of Sagittarius in general.

Uttara Ashada Star January 10th and beyond.

A star symbolized by an elephant’s tusk, which relates to the obstacle-removing god Ganesha. It can grant you an unchallengeable victory. Gives you the ability to align with the higher forces of good. Taking responsibility is important.

More Upcoming Events

Today, December 11th is Pradosham. Chant the karma busting mantra Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Shivayanama. Pour milk, juice, and/or water over a siva linga within the hour prior to sunset today. Roll a coconut around your head, throat, and shoulders and then break and discard it. Or roll and cut lime(s)/lemon(s) instead.

Tomorrow, December 12th EST is the Deepam Full Moon when an immense oil lamp is lit on the mountain of fire, Arunachala. Millions of people will walk around the mountain. Learn more. It will also be Dattatreya Jayanti, or the birthday of Dattatreya, who encompasses Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva all in one body. Dr. Pillai will be offering a FREE Webcast at 7:00 p.m. EST.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. Astroved will be holding a Grand 2-Day, 10-Priest Chandi Homa at Desire-Fulfilling Powerspot. Learn more.

December 28th will be the New Moon and Lord Hanuman’s Birthday. Lord Hanuman is the monkey god who can move mountains.

New Year’s Day starts on a 3rd Moon or a 4th Moon (Ganesha), depending on your location. Dr. Pillai will be holding a 2-hour New Year’s Webcast. Astroved will be conducting 2 LIVE Webcasts: Dec. 31st: Exclusive Vedic Kushmanda Homa (Karma Clearing Fire Lab)

Jan. 1st: Special Kamadhenu Kubera Homa (Wish-Fulfilling Wealth Fire Lab)

Favorable Activities for this Month:

  • Value knowledge. You may be inspired to take advanced training or get involved in higher education.
  • Respect & honor your spiritual teacher, and be open to receiving blessings from him or her.
  • Don’t be fanatical or think your way is the only way.
  • Honor traditions as you inspire others during the holidays. Cultivate optimism as you move into 2017.
  • Do acts of compassion & charity that help to uplift other suffering souls. Tripura Foundation is offering a way to donate in someone’s name for Christmas or Hannukkah gift-giving. You pick one of four cards designed by the HoPE Center children, and the personalized card gets emailed to the person you are gifting. Learn more.
  • Get ready for Saturn’s big transit. Check Astroved’s predictions based on your moon sign to get a general idea of what this can mean for your next 2 ½ years.


Enjoy this week’s Meditation and Discussion audios.

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