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In theory, Mars leaving Vedic Capricorn isn’t the greatest news, because from there the Red Planet granted you one-pointed focus, lasting perseverance, and powerful action for goal setting and achievement.

But you know—if you’ve been reading this page or studied this Vedic subject—there’s more to astrology that meets the eye.

As Mars joins the south lunar node Ketu in Aquarius and you wonder if this going to be good for you, the answer is yes. Also, there won’t be an obstacle you can’t overcome with a little guidance and timely information.

So to learn how Mars and Ketu will bring you enough steam and motivation for your seasonal gatherings, networking, and gains from your actions—here for you a zero-in preview of this transit to add good cheer to your holiday season in three easy steps.

1. Red is good

Mars is a red, living being—this isn’t a typo. In fact, Vedic Mars is considered just as conscious and alive as you and I.

Although he looks like a very large and reddish ball, he owns the consciousness of energy, passion, strength. He destroys fear and gives you courage. Plus, Mars is a powerful red-clad humanoid.

Aquarius is the sign of equality, caring for the underprivileged and social reforms to benefit our future generations.

Here Mars helps you take action to get your work done, leave your mark, improve society and better the conditions of the working classes—according to the dictates of ruling Saturn.

Another well-known gentleman dressed in red, riding a reindeer-driven sleigh, makes his punctual appearance at this time of the year.

His main goal is dropping gifts under festive trees or filling stockings for all—rich and poor, old and young—without prejudice or discrimination whatsoever.

So in December, your passion for helping your community and the have-nots could turn more compelling than at any other time thanks to Mars and the impending holidays.

You’ll want to give a hand and feed others in shelters, donate to special charities, collaborate in community projects like never before.




2. Win through service to others

Wherever Ketu goes, he brings his considerable expertise—and a been there, done that attitude.

Being a shadow, invisible planet, Ketu also brings you some confusion and surprising changes.

His personality can resemble argumentative Mars with his heated and impatient reactions.

The differences between these planets, though, are really deep: Ketu is the planet of letting go and Mars likes power action.

Ketu says you need to stay away from crowded and noisy places and Mars dives right in.

So can these two planets cooperate with each other to bring humanity some good changes?

I believe so!

In Aquarius, the house of wealth, networking and wish fulfillment, Ketu knows how to get compensation from work or associations. But he’d rather avoid action.

Together with Mars, Ketu becomes a powerful force of change and this duo won’t give up until the battle is won.

So if you want to start a new win-win project that benefits you and society alike, this is the time to implement your ideas. You’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

3. If you want miracles, invoke the angels

Despite our modern technology and advances in science, we have a long way to go in ending the global crises of poverty, pollution, and disease.

During December 2016, more than ever, our consciousness can shift from a limited reliance on our efforts alone to a transcendent faith in the Divine.

According to the Vedic seers, angels and loving, celestial archetypes can fix harmful planetary energies, and change your difficult karma that keeps you stuck in a depressing merry-go-round or vicious circle.

Ganesha is a super intelligent being who could even dupe his ingenious brother Muruga, the teacher of Om, the sound of creation.

Despite his cute and gentle appearance, Ganesha is an elephant-headed archetype armed with stunningly powerful abilities.

In fact, he is believed to remove life obstacles in three different times—the past, present and future—all at once. He is said to be omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

Ganesha, the king of obstacles, also controls and rules Ketu. So sponsoring a Fire Lab to Ganesha can bring you his merciful intervention to dissolve the negative influence of Ketu.

Muruga is a powerful god from the Pleiades star cluster. He rules over Mars and ensures that the Red Planet brings you victory consciousness.

Try this:

  • On Sundays recite 108 times the sounds for Ketu—OM KETAVE NAMAHA.
  • Invoke Ganesha 108 times with the traditional chant—OM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA.
  • On Tuesdays recite 108 times the sounds for Mars—OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA.
  • Invoke Muruga 108 times with the traditional chant—OM SHARAVANA BHAVA.
  • Take up a meditation practice to reduce holiday hyperactivity and stress, please Ketu, and get some financial benefits, too.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shot

by Lalitha Devi

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