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A few years ago during a visit to a secret location in Tamil Nadu, India, Dr. Pillai, a scholar and yogi, said about his own Siddha tradition: “The Siddhas are even more powerful than the Gods.”

He added that access to the waterfalls and mountains inhabited by the Siddhas was possible, but by invitation only.

Is your frequency a good match?  

You’ll know whether you’re invited by these secretive yogis and masters in three self-explanatory ways.

  • You’ll hear about them (it looks like you already have as you’re reading this).
  • There will be an inner recognition stirring in your soul (it happened to me 12 years ago).
  • You’ll feel compelled to travel to India to visit their secret abodes (this will change your life in delightful ways).

After meeting these requirements, many receive subliminal instructions from the Siddhas.

Some students of Dr. Pillai have testified to a mysterious force that came over them during or after their visits—feeling blissful, positively guided and their bad karma turning positive.

Angelic intervention

After their India trip, some have had visions of Siddhas telling them how to solve a stubborn problem or how to make quick progress to achieve their goals.

Some other students have remained in touch with the ascended Siddhas and said that these angelic yogis are accompanying them everywhere, giving advice and spiritual guidance.

This fact alone gives an entirely new dimension to what is possible.

What is the Siddha tradition?

Siddha means “someone who has acquired siddhis or supernormal powers” through meditation and yogic practices.

These siddhis are deeply connected with the purity of the Siddhas’ motives.

Siddha yoga has been alive and active throughout the centuries and even millennia. In fact, it’s an unbroken spiritual tradition and its teachings have never become diluted thanks to its secrecy and oral transmission of the teachings.

Although they wrote some texts containing refined spiritual poems and invocations to the Divine, the Siddhas didn’t divulge their powerful techniques for evolution and transmutation of their body into light.

Apparently, only an enlightened master is allowed to distribute this knowledge, but not without some opposition from the Siddhas themselves—whose primary intention is to keep supernormal powers away from bad individuals, who could use them to harm others.

Occasionally, Nadi readers of special palm leaves reveal the existence of messages from the great Siddha Agastya or some other Siddha.

These missives contain methods to obtain miracles of healing, relationship bliss, financial good fortune or spiritual assistance.

To become a student, one has to be chosen, completely selfless, and a dedicated humanitarian.

Only after meeting these requirements one can be invited to an initiation ceremony.

So the Siddhas were selective and secretive then and today more than ever.

Happiness beyond your wildest imagination

Ananda is a term signifying ultimate bliss—which has become a name de rigueur for many enlightened masters within the Indian wisdom traditions.

Are these masters really permanently blissful? I don’t know. But certainly, the Siddhas are.

In fact, all their practices and isolated living conditions have had these main goals—attaining a pure and joyful state of consciousness, which in turn allows them to direct their entire lives to ending human suffering.

Dr. Pillai is a great advocate of bliss through right knowledge, spiritual initiation, karma removal, and problem solving through Siddha methods.

He promises all this and more as he takes a selected group of students to sacred power spots, and on spiritual retreats in South India on the occasion of his birthday. During his Birthday Trip program—January 30 – February 10, 2017—all the participants will be initiated according to the teachings of the Siddha tradition.




In previous birthday trips, nearly all have experienced miracles in this annual program. And all have been so transformed that they said their lives had become “happier and more meaningful.”

From the words of other spiritual masters

In his books, Swami Muktananda, a Siddha master, spoke extensively of the importance of bliss.

In “Secrets of the Siddhas” he wrote, “To acquire pure vikalpas [or pure knowledge] … we should receive the Sadguru’s instructions, practice sadhana [or spiritual practice], keep good company, and engage in uplifting conversation.”

“A great being who has attained realization … experiences the bliss of God and the nectar of the totality of Consciousness.”

He also believed that the only cause of suffering is ignorance—or the false knowledge that obfuscates our divine nature.

Supernormal powers

In his book “The Holy Science,” Yukteswar Giri—who is better known as Paramahansa Yogananda’s great guru—listed eight Siddhis or supernormal powers.

“1. Anima, the power of making one’s body or anything else as small as he likes, even as an atom—anu.

“2. Mahima, the power of magnifying or making one’s body or anything else mahat, as large as he likes.

“3. Laghima, the power of making one’s body or anything else laghu, as light as he likes.

“4. Garima, the power of making one’s body or anything else guru, as heavy as he likes.

“5. Prapti, the power of apti, obtaining anything he likes.

“6. Basitwa, the power of basha, bringing anything under one’s control.

“7. Prakamya, the power of satisfying all desires, Kama, by irresistible willpower.

“8. Ishitwa, the power of becoming Isha or lord over everything.”

Moreover, Yukteswar believed that the true power of love, and hence bliss, is more than pure feeling.

In fact, he said, “Love is God.”  

And as he quotes at the end of his book:

“Love rules the court, the camp, the grove,

The men below and saints above,

For love is heaven and heaven is love.”

Happy travels!


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