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Soul Genetics is a subject very close to Dr. Pillai’s heart and one of his most profound teachings. He coined this term to explain an important Siddha principle: not only are humans connected to their ancestors at the level of the body-mind, but also—and this may come as a surprise—at the level of the soul.

You inherit your biological genes and your soul genes from your ancestors. Even the thoughts you think come from your ancestors,” said Dr. Pillai.

“Not only does your brain think, but your genes think as well.”

Uninterrupted Connection

There is an unbreakable link between your genetic bloodline and your wellbeing.

Because of bad karma and confusion, some souls remain on Earth and hang around their living families.

Although this is a largely unknown fact in our modern world, these conditions can cause immense suffering to both the living and the departed.

Knowing the Family Tree Is Not Enough 2

It doesn’t matter whether you know the names of your departed ancestors. Also just looking at their pictures or updating the family tree won’t change your conditions.

Instead it’s crucial that your ancestors’ souls are in a good place and this can be done with the science of Tarpanam, or specialized ancestral rituals.

The Siddhas have revealed that honoring the ancestors during the sacred time of Mahalaya—a two-week period between the Full Moon of September and the New Moon on October, can free our ancestors from their deep suffering.

At this time your ancestors will be more receptive and can be pacified with specialized Tarpanam.

Solution to Ancestral Problems

“You can address every aspect of your life by looking at your relationship with your ancestors,” explained Dr. Pillai.

He also added that when we honor and nourish our departed ancestors and bloodlines, their souls evolve and can move into a higher dimensional world filled with spiritual Light.

“You can even change your thoughts or modify them by developing a relationship with your ancestors,” said Dr. Pillai. This is one of the most important reasons for honoring our ancestors, because our karma is delivered through our thoughts.

While it’s very difficult to change our mindset that is the root cause of karma, we can easily ‘feed our ancestors’ and ask for their help.

Ancestral Rituals in the Golden Age

In China, Japan, India and other more ancient cultures, there is deep respect for Tarpanam (or equivalent forms) and this practice is still alive. For this reason, the descendants benefit materially and spiritually and help their departed relatives find peace.

According to Dr. Pillai, soon this science will again become widespread and “Soul Genetics will have a major role in the sciences of the Golden Age.”

Enjoy the energies!

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