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tarpanam6For two weeks, all of your ancestors come to the earth plane to hang out with you. Imagine if every deceased ancestor that you know plus thousands that you have never heard of came to stay with you for two weeks. Consider that many of us have ancestors who suffered in the same way we do – with health problems, relationship problems, financial problems. Soul Genetics means that our ancestors passed down these thoughts and experiences to us just as they gave us our eye color and physical appearance.

Mahalaya is your big opportunity to offer tarpanam to your ancestors and help them cross over into the light. When this happens, your ancestors will send you blessings instead of problems. How will you know when your ancestors are all in a good place? You will know because everything in your life will start to work out beautifully!

Offer tarpanam daily during Mahalaya and receive these benefits:

1st Moon Brings blessings of wealth.
2nd Moon Brings Blessings of continued lineage.
3rd Moon Brings Business prosperity.
4th Moon Brings Ability to triumph over enemies.
5th Moon Brings About prosperity.
6th Moon Brings Fame and good reputation.
7th Moon Increases Inner strength and brings spiritual growth.
8th Moon Increases Intelligence.
9th Moon Increases Support of women in life.
10th Moon Brings Success in profession.
11th Moon Brings Blessings for prosperity of children and growth of their intelligence.
12th Moon Brings Blessings for continuity of lineage and success from education.
13th Moon and 14th Moon Moon Brings possession of vehicles and a life of peace and longevity.
Mahalaya Amavasya – New Moon Helps in receiving divine light because their grace is equivalent to God’s grace. On this day, ritual is done specially for those ancestors who passed away due to weapons or accidents.

Learn more about Mahalaya at Pillai Center.

Learn how to do a simple offering, i.e. Tarpanam, to your ancestors here.

All you need is black sesame seeds, rice flour, and water.


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