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We pride ourselves on our capacity for objectivity. We also argue that we aren’t critical people—we are simply analyzing facts, right?

Right. However, all opinions carry our biography, says Dr. Pillai, a world-renowned expert in human consciousness.

There really isn’t such a thing as true objectivity and we need to keep this in mind when three planets are placed in Virgo, a gentle healing sign that also carries a propensity for narrow focus and criticism. But here planets bring you a wealth of good, too, as long as you learn to navigate this energy.

The Sun, a planet of sustenance, energy and power is now in this sign of Mercury and your goals can come to fruition through skillful planning. You could also strike a good deal with the government or through your representatives.

Virgo is a spotless and neat environment that arouses our interests for medicine, organization and skill, but also litigation.

Despite being a hot and malefic planet, the Sun wants nothing to do with obstacles to his power and he’s interested in purifying the energies of planets and living beings.

But you can expect others to resist your power or advice during this transit. Diplomacy is now a necessity.

So here for you: five easy tips to enjoy a litigation-free month and gain from the available energies despite the eclipse season. 

1. Cool off

Nothing can stop the Sun and his glorious flares. But in Virgo now there’s Rahu—his archenemy and eclipse-causing North lunar node.

The Sun’s light can be obfuscated by Rahu and this combination of electromagnetic and hot energies can cause us stress. Additionally the Sun is often overcompensating around Rahu and excessive pride due to insecurity is possible. The current energies of Mercury and Rahu are also bringing overstimulation of the nervous system.

Stay calm in all situations and try to relax in a spa or in nature as often as possible. Meditation is another healthy solution.

2. Rescue Remedy1

Not the famous homeopathic drops, but rather a rescue planet: Mercury, the ruler and owner of Virgo. Mercury is now salvaging a difficult situation and protecting his own house.

So expect both Sun and Rahu to behave better around their host. Rationality will prevail and a more neutral approach will salvage your interests.

3. Blurry vision

There’s the possibility for reduced vision, both literally and figuratively. Due to Rahu, details can get blurry in an attempt to overachieve. Also the Sun rules the eyes and these delicate organs will need extra rest.

Remedy: Sit in a quiet place, rub your hands to warm them and place them on your closed eyes. Repeat 2 or 3 times. If you have been working overtime at your computer or your work requires exposure to the elements, it’s a good idea to refresh your eyes with this simple technique or by applying two cotton pads imbibed with rose water.

4. Choose peace 

Avoid litigation in this eclipse season, as the outcome could be very different from your expectations. Eclipses bring an element of surprise and chaos. Better yet—unless it’s a matter of vital importance—avoid litigation altogether, because mental peace could be at stake.

5. Get set, go

Go all out with your goals in media-related businesses. The current fast energies support these matters, but keep a plan B for extra caution.

To up your chances for success, you can offer rituals to Mercury, Sun and Vishnu. Fire labs to these divine beings will turn matters in your favor.

Sounds for good luck:

. OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (for Mercury)

. OM SURYAYA NAMAHA (for the Sun)



Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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