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The Sun enters Aquarius TODAY on February 12th, 2017. Sun entering a fixed sign triggers a phenomenon called Vishnupati when it is easier to manifest material things.

Astroved notes: According to mythology, Vishnupati is the time period when Lord Vishnu performs miraculous deeds for the benefit of all. It is believed that Vishnupati is when:



  • Vishnu descends into the Earth plane
  • The army generals of Vishnu are active
  • Vishnu multiplies his effort to rescue people
  • Vishnu performs miracles for those who pray to him
  • Devotees have merged with Vishnu
  • You can experience Samadhi (trance)

Honor Vishnu by chanting Om Namo Narayanaya or any of his other mantras. Pray to him for what you desire.

Known as Kumbha in Sanskrit, Aquarius is the most humanitarian of the signs. It can help you work to make other peoples’ lives better. The Sun is your soul and the activity you do in the world. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, a planet of patience and endurance, limitations, compassion and service. Saturn can bring in limitations and blockages. But he can also teach you to have compassion and he can gift us with true happiness. Ketu, the saintly planet is also in Aquarius. Ketu can give you blessings of being detached, accessing very refined technologies, and reorganizing. Expect surprises, activity and change. Reorganize your life.

Kumbha is symbolized by a person bearing an empty water pot. Water symbolizes the cosmic life force that sustains you. It can purify you and wash away your sins. The pot is like your individual consciousness. The water, or the cosmic life force, ultimately wants to merge with the universal consciousness. Maha Sivaratri occurs every year when Sun is in Aquarius. On that night if you pour water, milk, juice, etc. over a siva linga, Lord Siva can dissolve an incredible amount of your karma.

Aquarius relates to ending the old way of doing things and birthing a new way of life. An important goal here is to turn away from selfishness and dedicate our efforts for the common good. Aquarius can give you the ability to be noble, selfless, generous, and willing to help others. Aquarius can help you to enjoy participating in your community and family.

Aquarian energy also includes innovative thinking, science, and new technologies. If Aquarius is prominent in your chart, you could be very open-minded and unconventional. You could even relate to so many spiritual paths that it’s hard to commit to one and stay with it.

The pot is empty means that the person has shared with others, so Aquarius can give you the impulse to work hard to help downtrodden and suffering people to come up in life. Saturn is associated with laborers and servants. Saturn can give you the perseverance to help make things better. Just be careful not to go into focusing on all the negative in the world as this can bring in depression, which would reduce your ability to help others. In Aquarius we can learn that humility is not a a bad thing or a limitation – it can be empowering and lead you to higher consciousness.

Aquarius, as the natural 11th house of the zodiac, also brings in energies of profit and gains, fulfillment of desires, manifestations, realizations of hopes and dreams, and friendships. Look at what you can do to create more profit and value. Network and participate in the community.

Sun will transit the following nakshatras (birthstars) within Aquarius

Dhanishta until February 18, 2017

Symbolized by a drum, Dhanishta is a star of wealth and manifestation. Relates to impeccable timing, rhythm, and musical ability. Dhanishta has the power to give fame and abundance. Make sure you are tuning into wholesome influences.

Shatabhisha Feb 19 – March 3rd, 2017

A circle or a thousand-petaled flower symbolize the star of Shatabhisha. This nakshatra relates to a hundred physicians, healing, keeping secrets and getting to the truth of the matter. Shatabhisha is said to be one of the nakshatras that preside over the media, especially electronic media.

Purva Bhadrapada March 4th and beyond

This is Dr Pillai’s own birthstar, and it gives the fire to a worshipper up in life and the power to raise the evolutionary level of the world. It is associated with purification through fire and penance. Purva Bhadrapada’s symbol is the front two legs of a funeral cot.

Profitable Activities for this Month

  • Ask yourself, “Am I spending my time in the most profitable way?” What you can do to create more profit and value with money and with everything you do? Network and make contact with friends, influential people and organizations.
  • Look around your world and see where you can do something that will help people. Champion a cause that will help needy people
  • Focus on what is right with things rather than what is wrong. Avoid fanaticism and being too idealistic.
  • Embrace innovative thinking and make friends with a new technology.
  • Get ready for Maha Sivaratri on Friday, February 24th.

Maha Sivaratri on February 24, 2017

This is the night of Siva that takes place on the eve of the new moon every year when Sun is in Aquarius. On this night if you keep a vigil, Siva can remove a huge amount of karma from you, giving you a clean slate for the next year. Staying up all night, fasting, doing abishekam to a siva linga, watching Astroved’s Maha Sivaratri webcasts and chanting Om Nama Sivaya are recommended on this night. Stay tuned for any special instructions or mantras that Dr Pillai may give as we get closer to the date. Learn more on Astroved.

Enjoy this week’s Meditation Audio.

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