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If you want to step up your finances and see tangible fruits from your work, the following news will bring you both relief from work-related worries and opportunities for success and gains.

The reason is that, according to the Vedic zodiac of the ancient Indian seers, the Sun moves to Aquarius—a constellation ruled by both Saturn and the north lunar node Rahu—on February 13.

What can you expect in the month ahead? The likely answer is: both profitable and difficult situations. Fortunately, with an easy three-step plan you can earn a great reputation, more money and even leave your mark in history.

So to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity for major wealth and success through the currently available planetary influences, here for you an easy plan to get what you want and still help others—a sure win-win.

1. Learn about your destiny’s major agents

Awareness and knowledge are your best allies at any given time, particularly when surprising and confusing situations could arise at work or in your bank account.

So it’s good to learn about Saturn, a planet connected to harsh karmic consequences, hard work and long delays.

From this corner in the zodiac, Saturn wants you to think compassionately about others—meaning you’ll want to shift your long-term vision to the collective or suffer from poor results.

Saturn loves helping the underprivileged and indigent working classes. This slow planet increases your compassion for these individuals and your responsibility towards society. It goes without saying that ignoring Saturn’s hints can cost us long hardships.

Rahu, the other ruler of Aquarius, is a massive force of desire and excess. Rahu is an ever-hungry and ever-driven energy that will keep you focused on achieving your goals and gaining from them through an unstoppable race.

This lunar node is both unconventional and a bit shocking in its pursuits—astrology, cutting-edge technology and media can bring you vast financial gains.

The Sun suffers from subliminal attacks to its authority at the hand of Saturn—who is more proletarian in orientation. The Sun rules like a king and brings you favors from higher-ups. Saturn cares for the underdog and forces you to mature and become more considerate of others.

Ketu, the south lunar node now placed in Aquarius, creates lunar and solar eclipses with the help of Rahu. Unlike Rahu, however, Ketu has little or no interest in gains.




This invisible node wants liberation from the hurdles of earthly life and forces you to criticize and question any area where he’s placed.

2. What to do to succeed

We all want to succeed and we feel frustrated when we can’t reach our goals. The ancient seers knew this and revealed powerful steps to awaken brain areas that lead to more intelligent actions. They also taught us how to connect  with the planets and constellations, which they considered living beings and not mere rocks and gas. The Vedic sages could also perceive many benevolent celestial archetypes that ruled both planets and stars. So below are some guidelines to get on the good side of these powerful and invisible beings.

  • To please Ketu, include a meditation practice in your daily routine. Be kind to your subordinates, especially if you’re a manager or CEO, or the consequences of a critical attitude might cause you unpleasant surprises.
  • To please the Sun, gain more authority and money you’ll need to add some benefits for all—at both the societal and personal levels. Only then you’ll get full support from the Sun in your career and earnings.
  • To please Saturn, receive a promotion and experience the sweet fruits of your hard work, be charitable, make a donation to a worthy cause, and give more respect to your subordinates.
  • During the solar eclipse on February 26, avoid making major decisions or vast changes in your work environment. Routine work is fine.

3. Traditional sound and fire technologies for wealth and well-being

Much of what happens in our minds and on the subtle planes of existence remains a mystery. The ancient Rishis devised technological tools for living in harmony with all creation and getting help from the Gods or archetypes.

  • To get help from the Sun in your work and finances, recite OM SURYAYA NAMAHA on Sundays.
  • To pacify Ketu, recite OM KETAVE NAMAHA on Sundays.
  • To receive benign energy from Saturn and help in your goals, recite OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA on Saturdays.
  • Fire Labs—or powerful Vedic ceremonies—in honor of the Sun and the wealth archetype Vishnu are believed to bring you financial gains, vitality and the power to achieve all your career goals.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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